Duplo CEO to Leave in April | Duplo International

Duplo International CEO to Leave in April

Duplo International has announced that CEO Bruno Picquet will leave the company in April.

Described as a “wonderful asset” to the print finishing supplier, Bruno is heading for “pastures new, outside of the industry”, back in his home country of Belgium.

Bruno, who reports directly to chairman Robin Greenhalgh, oversees the operational running of Duplo International business. During his tenure the company’s turnover has grown 20%, and leaves a legacy of a four-year business plan, which started in 2015, and will complete a successful first year.

The decision revolves around a new work-life balance, one that has previously involved a regular weekly return commute from Belgium, plus other travelling. Last year Bruno estimated he spent 223 days away from his home and family.

Bruno said: “It is truly one of the hardest business decisions I have had to make. This company is unique. Engaged people, passionate and driven, all of whom have been a true pleasure to work with. I leave the Duplo International in a healthier place than when I joined, of which I am very proud, and the company is heading “up” toward its milestone goal set out in our business plan.”

Duplo International Chairman Robin Greenhalgh said: “Bruno has been a wonderful asset to our business for five-and-a-half years. He has helped focus and shape us, and we are in an extremely healthy position to grow the business even further in the coming years.

“We thank him for his drive, focus, passion for Duplo and, of course - allez, his Belgish! We wish him every success in the future.”

Robin will oversee the CEO role in the short-term.