Duplo Enhances Senses with Print Embellishment

Duplo heightens your senses with print embellishment - the perfect finishing touch

Today, there are dozens of theories about how best to appeal to customers.

We’ve all heard; “Tell a story,” “Use images,” “Be bold”.

But what if the answer was much simpler? What if the answer was simply to appeal to the foundation of engagement: the five senses?

As it turns out, great marketing really is that simple. It’s come to be known as sensory marketing, and it’s sweeping the marketing world.

What is Sensory Marketing?

As we know, the five senses are sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Sensory marketing is simply the process of winning a customer’s trust and attention by appealing to each of these five senses.

Today, great marketing is all about customer experience. This is as true, if the consumer isn’t engaged none of it matters. And what have we learnt are the core pillars to maximising engagement? Sensory Marketing.

"One of the biggest marketing mistakes a brand can make is catering only to a single sense at a time"

What if you could build a tactile experience that goes beyond engagement and excites the consumer?

We are in a digital era that is craving tactile interactions, making us even more receptive to marketing we can touch and feel. But how do we push our paper-based promotions to really amplify the tactile experience.

Duplo have the solution that will effectively transform your print marketing, heighten the tactile experience and take stimulating the senses to the next level; Spot UV Sensory Coating from the Duplo DuSense.

The DuSense ‘Sensory Coater’ is a compact embellishment printer used to print clear spot UV varnish producing a unique embossing. This technology enables you to add texture as heavy or extremely intricate detail in the same image, introducing endless textual opportunities:

- Mimic textures such as leather or water to stimulate the mind

- Build contracts between raised and not raised print that will really engage the senses

- Be premium, add an expensive feel to your business cards or event invitation

- Build subtle, sophisticated textures that inspires your consumer

The DuSense adds an additional element of touch and feel to the printed product lifting the texture and depth to the images printed. It’s the creation of a gritty sand beach, the grip of a football, and the dimpled water drops on a beer bottle. It’s the textures and patterns that bring images to life and elicit a reaction from the target audience that makes a difference.

71% of consumers say print and paper quality impacts their decision to open and read mail.

People value something they can see and touch 24% more highly than something they can only see.

By introducing texture, we are boosting stimulation, building a connection with our consumers, providing a highly engaging experience that stands out and makes print extremely powerful, the perfect finishing touch to every marketing campaign!

To find out more about using the tactile experience to boost your print communication contact us.