Duplo's new and powerful solutions for the printers of tomorrow

Duplo International is very proud to announce the launch THREE new products to their range of DC Slitter, Cutter, Creaser, multi-finishers and booklet makers shape cutters. The NEW DC-618 Slitter Cutter Creaser, the NEW PFi Blade B3+ and the NEW DSS-350 Square Spine module.

DC-618 Slitter Cutter Creaser

The NEW DC-618 replaces the hugely successful DC-616 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser and comes with a higher specification, more power and significant improvement on the previous model, originally launch in 2014. The key is more automation, with load it and leave functionality, it is perfect for printers who have found that they are having to do more work with less people during the current crisis.

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PFi Blade B3+

The NEW PFi Blade B3+ has been designed as a short run, on demand digital cutter. It’s a great device for companies looking to move into the packaging market or to produce samples.

Being able to cut shapes on demand immediately means that printers can answer any request for pocket folders, POS, small packaging, DM, etc, and bring it all in house. All done via an automated system that does the jobs with zero supervision with the implementation of our NEW PFi Connect software.

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DSS-350 Square spine module

The NEW DSS-350 Square spine module is designed to give a perfect bound-book finish to booklet with no damage to the spine. The square finishing of the spine has become quite popular especially in digital print market as the flat appearance of the booklets allows easy storage and gives capability to print on the spine for ease of identification.

This is developed especially for in-line with DBM-350 booklet making system and for stand-alone manual drop feeding. Additionally, we have designed a platform to be able to support the module for the DBM-600 booklet system as well.

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