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Everything you need to know about the Duplo DuSense

What is the DuSense?

The DuSense DDC-810 ‘Sensory Coater’ is a compact embellishment inkjet printer used to print clear spot UV varnish that resembles embossing. It can take sheets sizes up to B3 format (364x740mm) and register the spot coating to pre-printed images. The DuSense achieves highly premium print embellishment in the smallest footprint in the market!

What is the DuSense perfect for?

Business cards and stationary


Brochures, Books and Book covers

And much more

Why will you profit with print embellishment?

Digital print enhancement volume will grow at a rate of 27% from 2015 to 2020, more than twice that of CMYK digital printing.*

Print buyers will pay premiums in the range of 24% to 89% for digital print enhancements over CMYK- only work.*

Beating competition isn’t about offering the lowest price but about offering a unique service.

Improving profitability isn’t about low costs, to improve revenue lines AND margins, printers need to add value.

“If you are not unique in something in business, you have nothing” C-copy February 2018

Adopt the Modern Mindset

BEFORE We were used to talking costs – cost of the machine, cost of service, cost of the materials…

THE PATH TO SUCCESS Sell value, sell differentiation, sell excitement

How does it work?

It is essentially a single-colour, single-pass inkjet printer with 600dpi heads. It can produce variable-height effects of 20-80micron thicknesses in the same pass. This technology enables the combination of heavy solids and fine detail in the same image, as well as smooth curves and detailing in beautiful fine lines, down to 6pt fonts.

Here is a graphic summary of how it works Also for a little more detail behind its functionality here’s our latest DuSense product demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyvRK21QF14&feature=youtu.be * source: digitalprinting;formula-for-embellishment-succes

** Infotrends research, August 2017