GDPR - Are you ready?

GDPR - Are you ready?

Did you know, data protection isn’t just about the protection of electronically processed data. It also applies to personalised data in paper form. ‘70% of all important data is still written on paper. And these papers are often simply thrown into the waste paper bin.’

No matter what the size of your business, the risks remain the same and to ensure you adhere to the data protection requirements, you should be integrating shredders into your data protection concept. Why? Protecting the required security level through the use of document shredders will protect you from paying significant fines, will protect your good reputation and will ensure the trust of your customers. Even your existing documents must correspond to the requirements of GDPR.

The following documents must be shredded when they are no longer needed:

• Quotations and contractual documentation

• Bank statements and records

• Invoices and receipts

• Personalised advertising documents

• Tax and accounting documents

• Signed documents

• Notes, print-outs, poor copies

If you’re regularly processing a large amount of paper documents and you like the sound of someone else handling both the work and responsibility of shredding these, think again!

The risks:

• You do not see the result

• Your documents are often temporarily stored before they are shredded

• Service companies cannot release you from liability in cases of misuse

By shredding your confidential documents inhouse, these risks are eliminated. High-quality and high-capacity shredders work for many years – the investment pays off quickly

As well as using document shredders to protect your business, data protection can begin with your daily tasks:

• Educate your employees - Whether it’s the papers left behind in the copier, or documents forgotten in the conference room, if personalised data lands in the wrong hands, then minor mistakes can result in major damage.

• Introduce a clean desk policy – Ensuring employees commit to sensibly file all documentation, to lock away all confidential documents, and to destroy all documents that are no longer needed.

• Think twice about making that copy - A few simple copies can turn out to be really expensive. Paper documents are difficult to monitor once these have been put into circulation so avoid making unnecessary printouts or copies.

At Duplo we are passionate about supporting our customers with GDPR and making sure they are ready. We have the largest stock holding and can offer next day delivery* so get in touch today to talk to one of the team. Our first 20 orders will receive a free deskside shredder.

To find out more information about any of the above, you can download the complete IDEAL Data Protection Guide here or see more about the wide range of shedders available from Duplo here.

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