A Guide to DuSense

A Guide to DuSense

Spot UV has the ability to make anything feel instantly more upmarket and luxurious. That being said, it’s those designs that have true thought behind them that really stand out so how do you use spot UV to achieve that incredible impact the Duplo DuSense is capable of?

Texture in print. Using textured UV makes images more interactive and appeal to people’s sense of touch. People love running their fingers over a contrasting texture. This page demonstrates how spot UV can be used to create the illusion of a printed page/ image having texture. It can be used to effectively highlight text within UV, which has been demonstrated on this page. Patterns and repetition Use patterns and repetition to add to the print design. Subtle patterns look great in UV. These patterns can be repeated to fill negative space making the application more interesting and interactive. No matter how you use UV, patterns always add a sophisticated feel to any print design and can highlight key design aspects.

Relevance in print It’s important while using UV to use it in a way that keeps it relevant to the image or advertisement. This is especially important with smaller applications, such as business cards. When using UV, always take inspiration from the print itself for the most effective use.

Sometimes less is more The amount of UV that will be required for each image to become effective will vary from image to image, depending on the design. Taking this into account, we suggest that you carefully consider what’s essential and necessary to bring the design to life. Sometimes, just a simple UV enhancement is enough!

Using negative space UV can be used to really emphasise the difference between the print stock and the UV. It’s important while using UV, to be creative with empty areas of a printed image, as this is where UV design really can become a feature and could be your key to differentiate and add value.

Filling in with UV This page is largely covered with UV to show how to highlight certain aspects of a print, allowing the UV to create a contrast from the regular stock. This allows a certain piece of imagery or text to stand out as the pages defining feature.

Conflicting Print This page shows how to highlight certain aspects of a print, allowing the UV to create conflict with the print and have that print stand out because of this. This is due to the glossy effect making the print underneath more powerful as a design aspect on the page. We always suggest that whilst using UV, you use this block UV to highlight the most important parts of your printed document.

Fine detail in print Always use ne UV in print, as demonstrated here, UV can be used in incredibly ne detail to create intricate patterns and design. The DuSense gives the nest UV across the market and is still improving.

We recommend that you use ne patterns as much as possible, while working with UV and use text of 6pt and larger for amazing effects.

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