How printing has evolved

How printing has evolved

With every year that passes, new innovations are being made across all industries, and the printing market certainly falls in with that. From UV printing technology to digital print equipment manufacturers, there have been a lot of significant developments.

Woodblock printing - 200 AD - This is the first form of printing. It was developed in 200AD in China. It involved designs being carved into blocks of wood. The raised part of the wood would then be inked, with fabric placed on top of it. Pressure would be applied to the back of the fabric, causing the ink to transfer.

The Printing Press - 1440 - In the evolution of print, it is hard to argue that Johann Gutenberg was the most influential and important person. He invented the Printing Press, which rapidly increased the speed at which printed materials could be produced.

The Rotary Press - 1843 - This was the natural successor of the Printing Press. It was invented by Richard March Hoe. It used cylinders, with the images to be printed curved around them.

Offset printing - 1875 - Very much still used today, this was actually developed almost 250 years ago! It works using a plate to transfer images to a rubber blanket and then to a printing surface.

Digital printing - 1991 - Printing got more accessible to everyone and a lot faster thanks to digital print. This invention meant everyone could print from the comfort of their own home.

So there you have it: the five most significant inventions in the evolution of print!

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