Increase your flexibility and bring more in-house

PFi blade applications

Increase your flexibility and bring more in-house; the widest range of applications are possible…

Do more with less with the PFi Blade B3+.

Broaden your capabilities, deliver more value to customers and discover new opportunities for your business.

Flexibly achieve an extremely wide range of applications from a single machine. Use less space, less investment and less time whilst increasing your output.

Here are just a few examples of what can be done on the PFi Blade B3+

#1 Stickers and Labels

Gin Label

According to a Keypoint Intelligence’s study (1), many print providers stated that having the finishing capabilities would actually help them win deals. 54% reported losing deals because they couldn’t meet the finishing requirement. With the PFi Blade you will struggle to find a requirement you can’t meet!

#2 Pocket folders and #3 Round edge business cards

Pocket Folder
round edge business cards

Meet all business requirement on a single machine, the PFi blade isn’t just for the new and unique requests. You can broaden your opportunities whilst still meeting the needs of your existing regular jobs, all on one compact machine.

#4 Tent Cards

Covid 19 tent stand

Like with pocket folders maintain your traditional revenue streams. But with the PFi Blade make these applications work harder, keep your customers engaged and offer them added value by having the capabilities to differentiate them in their market and you against your competitors.

#5 Bespoke shapes

Covid 19 packaging
Flexible printing

Brands are looking for packaging applications that will give them differentiation and deliver value to their customer. You need to capabilities to deliver a wide range of applications and continually adapt this as trends and innovations evolve.

#6 Packaging

Préparez le monde de demain message4

Grow your business by developing into new segments and discovering the growing opportunities in packaging. The PFi Blade has the capabilities to efficiently cut shapes of any design giving you the ability to meet almost any packaging need.

#7 Personalisation

Perfume box

With digital print and the automation capabilities of the PFi Blade gain the tools to tackle variable data. Add value to your existing clients and expand your customer base, accelerating your revenue streams.

Discover more about the PFi Blade B3+ here.

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