International Postal Delivery Workshop | Duplo International

Postal delivery convention

Duplo is proud to continue its sponsorship of the 18th International Postal Delivery Benchmarking Workshop, which this year will be hosted by PostNL on 5-7th June.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges of postal and parcel delivery and amongst other topics, of unaddressed mail as well.

With over 9,000 installations worldwide, Duplo’s unaddressed mail collating systems are the ideal next step to manual collating. Or as a complement to larger automated systems, providing higher short run productivity, the ability to handle a wider range of documents, and a typical return on investment within 3 years.

As in previous events, the workshop will address common challenges faced by postal administrations worldwide, and explore opportunities available through sharing ideas, experiences and best practice. Topics will include:

- Smart integration of letters and parcels

- New delivery models and configurations

- Enabling customer last mile options and customer interface

- Sustainability

For more information please contact the organisers
Mr Patrick van Lammeren or Mr Derek Osborn