International Print Day 2017

On 18th October, Duplo International took part in International Print Day. The aim of the day was to participate in 24-hours of global knowledge sharing through social media, sharing print experiences and the tools that make it possible.

Duplo International participated by getting their distributors to hold signs up describing why print finishing is particularly important to them. Six counties in total took part and each one came up with their own thought for the day:

Print finishing is…

Giving a shape to your ideas - Duplo Poland
Turning print into something special and that touches your senses - FKS in Germany
Communicating through print - Giffin in Dubai
Opening the door to new markets - Duplo in France
Adding value to ordinary print - Duplo in UK
A kind of art to bring ideas to life - Nissa in Russia
The day was a success with many businesses and individuals contributing their print experiences to the event. Duplo International were proud to be sharing their love and passion for print throughout the entire day.