Magic Press Edizioni are not your average printer

Magic Press Edizioni: Not Your Average Printer | Duplo

Magic Press Edizioni are not your average printer – that’s to say, they didn’t start out printing…

A comic book company based in Milan, Italy, they have been publishing and distributing comic books since 1990, from the American classics to Japanese Manga, Magic Press Edizioni have a wide range of styles covered. Alberto Galoni tells the story of how due to the decline of the comic book market, the company needed to adapt.

“Since 2 years ago, the comics market has been going down… we had the necessity to make something original. We made the decision to start our printing facility”

By bringing their print process in-house they saved on warehouse space and were able to meet their customers needs with quicker turnaround times. But that wasn’t enough, the company needed more unique selling points, and more ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. How did they do this?

“We saw other publishers asking us to make a special coating for their books”

“It’s pretty common to try selling the books with a higher cover price using a particular finishing, so you can purchase a book without a UV coating for 10 Euro, and with a UV coating you can raise the price to 15 Euro for example”

The Duplo DuSense DDC-810 was the ideal machine for Magic Press Edizioni; it’s ease of use, speed capabilities and accuracy all meant it was an ideal fit. With the new machine, they now have the capability to expand their product offering, but they have a specific way of doing this…

“For a first print run edition, for the first 100 books, you have this special cover, when the first 100 books is finished, this cover doesn’t exist anymore, and this is the strategy we use the DuSense for”

Not only have they diversified their product range, but they’ve changed the entire way they do business, now they print on-demand so no longer need a warehouse. This change in business model, that DuSense has been a part of, has brought in a new revenue stream as other publishers now trust Magic Press Edizioni to print their books with

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