NEW DUPLO ‘iSADDLE 5.0’ Saddle Stitch System

PRESS RELEASE: September 2021

Duplo’s latest offering combines traditional stitched booklet production on a saddle, with the versatility needed for short run operation in today’s fast changing commercial print environment.


With the ongoing trend to ever shorter runs with faster delivery times, there’s never been a greater need to invest in solutions that deliver high quality results and adapt to many production formats and requirements. The new iSaddle 5.0 delivers just that. Evolved from Duplo’s flagship iSaddle system,  it provides the convenience of production from a flat sheet, combined with features to produce a wide range of profitable applications, allowing users to differentiate themselves from the competition.   


Designed with ease of use in mind, its complete automation and intuitive programming make it possible for a single operator to perform changeover in minimal time, thus swiftly and easily tackling a wide range of formats from the very small to oversize A4 landscape with no manual intervention.   The versatile and superior suction feed collators enable quick makeready between different formats and media printed on both litho and digital presses.   


But it’s not only its automation and ease of use that set the iSaddle 5.0 apart. It’s also in the wide range of booklets it can produce that it can make a real difference, removing the need to sub-contract complex finishing and therefore bringing in more revenue.  In addition to simple booklets, the iSaddle 5.0 can handle covers with pockets and flaps, as well as produce stepped format pages made from up to six different sized sheets within the booklet. 


Despite being designed to support the varied needs brought by shorter runs, the iSaddle 5.0 has also been engineered and built to suit longer runs as well. This is most apparent at the end of the system in the totally new DKTS-200 Trimmer which will finish a book with a three or five knife trim, allowing 2-up layouts of small format books and so doubling the speed of production.


Marine Kerivel-Brown, International Marketing Manager at Duplo, said; “We at Duplo recognise the pressures our customers are facing, and are proud to produce a flagship product that enables the versatility, flexibility and reliability that are key factors in helping any business survive.  We have a constant eye on the need to reduce waste, whether that is in physically spoiled sheets during set-up or production, or wasted time and resources needed to get the job done.  With the efficiencies the iSaddle provides, the savings can generate a leaner and more profitable print environment.”

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