New DC-648

Duplo's New Industry 4.0 Cutter Enhances Productivity

Print producers require more than just speed, accuracy and versatility from their cutting solutions which is why Duplo is launching its new DC-648 slitter/cutter/creaser.

Cutting is an essential part of print finishing, which also means it’s where production bottlenecks easily occur. The constant race to produce faster, in smaller volumes but increased complexity means that having a high performing mechanical solution is no longer enough. One unexpected legacy of the last two years involves the shortage of skilled staff, leaving print shops in the position where they need to maintain production and delivery commitments using inexperienced staff, or just the same with less personnel as they juggle the challenges of unpredictable availability. When considering their print finishing approach, especially with a desire to do more in-house, printers now need to look at their overall production environment, and this is where Duplo’s new DC-648 raises the bar significantly.

Like the other Duplo DC family, the DC-648 has been designed to allow one operator to fulfil multiple finishing processes in one pass. Speed, durability, and versatility have been enhanced, but where the DC-648 stands out is through its greater automation, ease of use and connectivity into the user’s workflow, creating efficiency that brings multiple benefits across the customer’s business such as reduced waste, increased accuracy, reduced set up times, etc.

Alongside connectivity, the DC-648 software had also been enhanced to become Industry 4.0 enabled, thus supporting data capture from the finishing device, which can in turn be used by the customer’s MIS for improved business improvement.

With the DC-648, Duplo is equipping the modern generation of printers with the tools to work as resourcefully, sustainably, and profitably as possible.

“Constant advances in technology and trends in the wider society, make today’s print environment a challenging place, where the printer that stands still is soon overtaken by the competition. The previous addition to the range was the DC-618 in 2020, our smallest solution to help users transfer short runs to digital colour presses.   The DC-648 is our latest platform packed with new features to help a user grow their production volume of a wide variety of quality colour print, capturing a bigger slice of profit.  Looking beyond treating running speed crudely as a key attribute, Duplo has added features to support Industry 4.0, as well as increased integration with Efi Fiery workflows where job set-up of the Duplo can be driven directly from Efi Impose, creating a very efficient process that has many of the benefits of JDF finishing without the high costs of implementation.” adds Peter Dyson, Product Marketing Manager at Duplo International.

Duplo have the longest standing and widest range of multi finisher solutions that exist under one roof.  Multi-function finishers are a specialty of Duplo’s, and they are pushing boundaries again – No one does slitter/cutter/creasers like Duplo!

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