Over 200 DuSense Installations Worldwide!

Over 200 DuSense Installations Worldwide!

Duplo are thrilled to be welcoming in the new year celebrating over 200 DuSense installations.

December is a time of year to give thanks, take stock and refresh in anticipation of the New Year, and as Duplo analyse the year, we see a reason to do something else synonymous with December – celebrate! Now with over 200 installations worldwide of the DuSense DDC-810, we say thank you to our customers, take stock of how we got here, and celebrate!

With over 20 installations alone, Italian Distributor, Quadient Italy, has seen particular success within the embellishment market, Vice President of DACHIT Marketing, Giorgia Aliprandi reasons why: “Print embellishment is essential in our country, the end-user customers are addicted to beauty and the sensory experience. UV Spot varnish is going to become a commodity for every digital printer, and once again Duplo has been the first manufacturer able to understand the customer’s needs and launch a revolutionary technology; affordable for many printers, it will make a success of those who have early adopted it, differentiating them compared their competitors.”

The need to innovate in the print industry is ever-present, and just as in every industry, innovation is the key to growing revenue and acquiring new clients! Printers now need to offer more than just the colour from their presses, and so finishing must also evolve and excite; Duplo International Export Sales Director, Bruno Picquet tells us “the print market is constantly progressing and changing, at Duplo, we have to be at the forefront of this, and DuSense is certainly a machine that has done this for us”. With 3D Varnish capability, the DuSense is helping growth in Italy’s innovative print houses, and an ever-increasing number of brands are becoming aware of the benefits that 3D can bring to their communication. Though there is still room for growth in many other countries and Bruno is confident that DuSense sales will only continue to grow “we are very happy that we have reached this milestone with DuSense, but we still have so much more work to do! There are still many printers that do not see what embellishment can do for their business and for their customer offering, it is our goal to change this in 2020!”.

DuSense Product Manager, Andy Cuff, is a keen advocate for the fact that the innovation hasn’t stopped yet: “we may have the base machine, but we’re always developing the DuSense. We’ve just added the Pro Upgrade Kit that allows the same varnish to be used in conjunction with different printing devices, as well as that we’ve endorsed the QSLEEK 3D Foiling Unit by Albyco that has been specifically developed to work with the DuSense, so we can now offer precise, top quality foiling on top of a DuSense Varnish”. With these solutions only recently beginning to be sold, some of those 200 customers are already investing in embellishment technologies with initial sales of the QSLEEK and Pro Kit upgrade, in November and December.

Finally, Duplo International Chairman and CEO, Robin Greenhalgh takes the opportunity to give thanks and look forward to 2020:

“We started on the journey of bringing DuSense to market towards the end of 2017, and what a journey it’s been! The whole team at Duplo have done an incredible job, all the way from the technical team who have taken on a completely new type of machine, to the sales team who have successfully introduced this new product, and excelled with it in the market. Last but not least, I’d like to praise our customers, for being some of the most pioneering, enterprising and forward-thinking in the market! Thank you to all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Find out more about the DuSense here or contact us directly to find out more.

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