P7: Duplo discusses their move to B2 print finishing with Print Monthly

In Print Monthly's Week's Print7 interview, our Export (EMEA) Commercial Manager, Blake Roberts, about he benefits of B2 finishing, and the new DC-20K B2 Cutter Creaser System which had its European show debut at this year's Hunkeler Innovationdays.

Print Monthly speaks to Duplo at Hunkeler Innovationdays regarding B2 printing and finishing

David Osgar – for Print Monthly - Tuesday, 04 Apr 2023 13:19 GMT

Manufacturer of print finishing solutions, Duplo International, has recently addressed changes in the industry, including the increased popularity of B2 printing.

The company has discussed this both on its own website, highlighting the differences between SRA3 and B2, and at recent European and UK events where a range of its finishing and cutting equipment has been showcased.

Hunkeler Innovationdays in Switzerland was the European show debut for the Duplo DC-20K B2 Cutter Creaser System, a cutter solution made to service the B2+ finishing market in line with industry leading print engines and their new models. 

Speaking about the machine and the switch to B2 printing, Print Monthly spoke to export (EMEA) commercial manager for Duplo, Blake Roberts, at Hunkeler Innovationdays in our latest Print7 video:

Roberts told Print Monthly: “The DC-20K does slitting, cutting, creasing, perforating, micro-perforating, and slit-scoring all in one pass.

“We’re trying to reduce the amount of touchpoints that a printer will have on a piece of paper, reducing bottlenecks, speeding up production, and all doing it highly automated, precisely, and with a number of features.”

Speaking on its website about the differences between SRA3 and B2, Duplo states: “SRA3 has allowed printers that margin for error, which ultimately has allowed for less wastage on a larger scale.”

With B2 being a bigger paper size than SRA3 Duplo says this allows more room for printers to manoeuvre their work compared to SRA3.

However as with all things, it is not a case of one size fits all and the manufacturer adds: “Of course, the main distinctions between both SRA3 and B2 are the paper sizes, but SRA3 paper size shouldn’t be dismissed if it’s suitable for your company’s needs. The distinction is about scalability, if your company is able to make use of something larger and more sizable, then B2 could well be your best option.”

The discussions around paper B2 and SRA3 paper sizes also complement the evolution of different technologies and digital printing, both of which look to simplify and offer more adaptability to printers.

The shift to B2 finishing was also recognised by Hunkeler itself with the launch of the manufacturer’s DocuTrim B2+ machine at the recent exhibition in Switzerland.

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