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In the modern world, consumers are faced with an ever-increasing number of purchasing decisions and alternatives. For example, the typical supermarket carries more than 30,000 products, all competing for consumer attention. In most cases, a typical 30-minute shopping session is all the time companies have to attract, excite, establish value, and sell their product. With so much competition, packaging are one of the best opportunities for manufacturers and marketers to communicate their brand’s message visually, positioning their product as a better choice than any of their competitors.

Packaging has been proven as a crucial factor in decision-making. Packaging has been directly related to the perceived quality of the product, and it affects whether a product is noticed on the shelf.

With that in mind, here are 3 Ways Product Packaging can influence Purchasing Behaviour

1) Brand Positioning

Packaging helps in developing brand loyalty from the consumer, as easily identifiable brand packaging creates attraction through their colours, style, or packaging type. Making product lines within the same recognisable packaging style, creates a simple way for customers to familiarise with a brand. This had become more and more important as the number of product alternatives starts to grow.

When making a purchase decision, consumers will evaluate the quality, design, size, colour, and innovation. When these elements are stacked in comparison to other similar products, it’s packaging that stands out. Usually recognisable packaging creates a sense of attraction and peeks the customers’ curiosity, this gives the brand an advantage over it's competition. 

2) Quality

Many brands that are using packaging in such a way to attract the buyer with a premium feel, conveying the quality of the product inside. Quality packaging can also have a long-lasting positive affect on consumer buying habits, boosting their product reputation as they use their packaging to speak for the quality lying within.

The connection of quality resonates true across all of the touch-points, partially in a tactile experience. Packaging is a powerful marketing tool that creates a connection with the customer delivering physical and phycological messages that create the promise of what may be inside.

3) Targeting

Colour use, typography, and styling can also be indicative of which target audience the products are positioned for. For example, children’s cereals will often be bright and colourful; whereas when you look at high-fibre and healthier options like granola-brands, you will see more neutral colour and earth tones palates used. Alternatively, brands that want to give off the impression of luxury often use colours like black, silver, and gold to make bold statements.

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