Paper Packaging

Paper Packaging, The Natural Choice

Paper Packaging; The Natural Choice

In recent years, the wider business community has evolved. It has developed an increased awareness of corporate responsibility and accepts its accountability for maintaining standards of ethical, social and environmental performance.

The paper, packaging and allied industries recognise a responsibility to continually improve their environmental credentials and also address consumer concerns about the environmental impacts of their products.

Consumer, business and political interest in the packaging debate has never been so apparent. Now is the time to ensure that the fundamental sustainable attributes of paper packaging are actively communicated to all those for whom paper touches their lives every day. Paper packaging is durable, attractive, renewable and recyclable, and will be an invaluable material as we move towards a regenerative, circular economy.

Two Sides set out seven powerful reasons why paper packaging will be the natural choice for brands, retailers and consumers:

Paper packaging can minimise environmental impacts

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It’s essential for minimising damage to products and extending their useful life, for example the shelf-life of food, so that all the resources used to make sure those products are not wasted.

Paper packaging is recycled more than any other packaging material

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Recyclable packaging is high on consumer priorities and is increasingly driving product design and the choice of sustainable packaging materials.

Paper packaging protects more resources than it uses

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Packaging is essential for minimising damage to products and extending their useful life. Without sufficient packaging, there would be a greater risk of all the resources used to make the product being wasted and, on average, ten times more resources – materials, energy and water – are invested in products compared with the resources used to produce their packaging.

Paper packaging supports healthy forests in Europe

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Between 2005 and 2015, European forests grew by 44,000 Square Kilometres - that’s an area bigger than Switzerland and amounts to over 1,500 football pitches of forest growth every day!

Paper packaging helps to tackle climate change

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Through its contribution to the green economy, the forest products industry plays a critical role in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change and reducing GHG emissions through carbon sequestration and improved resource efficiency.

Paper packaging is attractive and impactful

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Paper and cardboard is a versatile and effective packaging material, whether in storage or transit, displayed in-store or used in the home.

Paper packaging is preferred by consumers

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Many people look to the product’s packaging to help them make a decision about what to buy. Packaging provides an in-depth source of information to help consumers make their purchasing decisions and, regardless of age or purchasing habits, all consumers hold packs in their hands to gain information about product features.

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