Portugal's First: Publirep invests in the Duplo DuSense

Portugal's First: Publirep Invests in the Duplo DuSense

It’s in Valejas, Carnaxide that we can find Publirep’s headquarters. It’s the first company in Portugal to own a Duplo DuSense, displaying a continuous search for differentiation in the market.

Wanting to differentiate themselves from the market, PubliRep has become the first company in Portugal to invest in the finishing machine Duplo DDC-810, more commonly known as DuSense. The bet on spot UV digital embossing comes with the objective of delivering added value to the current clients and to attain new business. Leading the company is Tiago Stoffel, still being followed by his father and founder of the company Carlos Stoffel. Confident that there is a market for new applications and the consequent monetization of the DuSense, PubliRep doesn’t sit idly waiting for the investment to generate return by itself. In a competitive market they know that they need to show off what they can do, clients can’t guess the gains that lie about inside their doors.

Although they don’t have a specialized commercial team they do their own marketing, showing the power of embellishment. Carlos Stoffel says:

“we are a small company that tries to do a little bit of everything. All we have is a small Heidelberg GTO with one colour and we turn to other kinds of services. We have good partners, when there is a big job for offset we order it to be done out and we only do the small offset job ourselves. We have a lot of clients that work with jobs with only one colour that keep our machines busy for a long time. It’s the only machine that works on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays.”

At Publirep’s facilities we can find a nicely equipped workshop with both manual and automatic machines from a variety of well-known companies. They count on various equipment’s from Duplo besides the DuSense, for example the bookletmaker, they also own a Konica Minolta for digital printing of small format, an Anapurna for big format and many other machines to be able to answer to their clients requests.

An adventure lasting 30 years

PubliRep is past the 30 years hasn’t stopped growing. “In the beginning all I had was an assembler, a driver and a person around the clients”, Carlos Stoffel recalls. The years have gone by, Marconi continues to exist and the company continued to labour”. “I would produce. It was as if I was shopping centre, but opposite to shopping centres I was the one who bought the paper and provided it to graphics, I would do the subcontracts, ask for printing, ask for embossing and plasticizing, I would send for finishing depending on where it was made” he recalls. As time went by technology grew and PubliRep decided to invest in machines to build scale models.

Though, there was so much work that the machines couldn’t deal with it. It was at that time that they decided to invest in a Konica Minolta even before there were distributors in Portugal. An investment that gave them the chance to produce most of their subcontracted work. Later a company from the same sector went bankrupt and it was in a auction that it was decided they would buy a one colour offset machine, an Heidelberg GTO that to this day hasn’t stopped working. The work that is done in two days could be done in one afternoon with a new investment, but the company administrators decided to postpone it.

“We preferred to invest in varnish now and who knows, one day we can go back to the idea of a four-colour machine."

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