Post-Expo 2018 Hamburg

Post-Expo 2018 Hamburg

Duplo will be exhibiting at the world’s leading international postal and parcel industry exhibition in Hamburg from 9-11th October 2018. We will be on Stand Number: B1.390

The 3 day event will provide the chance to see how Duplo can provide collating solutions for your unaddressed mail, with their innovative collating systems.

Duplo extends the software ability of its collation system at Post-Expo

Following the official launch of its DM Mini Collation System for unaddressed mail at last year’s event, Duplo introduces its unique E-Tandem Job Reporting software.

This new software enables management to gain visibility on all aspects of their collating production, comparing productivity from week to week, how different documents, sets, shifts & sites perform, enabling best practice, highlighting training requirements and motivating staff.

The key is in versatility

Duplo would like to speak to Posts and private distribution companies who are still collating part or all of the unaddressed mail sets by hand today, to identify if there is a better cost-effective automated solution available. Those who already have automated solutions may wish to compare them to what Duplo can offer: the automation of more of their production, expansion of the range of documents available to advertisers, and shorter turnaround times.

Duplo’s versatile friction feed system allows a wider range of document handling compared to conventional systems: A6/postcard to A3, 60gsm single sheets to booklets, even Z-folds, plastic wrapped documents and die cut shapes.

The DM Mini Collation System offers fast set-up and job changeover, essential for coping with late document arrival and short runs. Its compactness and simplicity allows siting flexibility and no special skills.

Operated from a centrally located PC, the system offers in-line labelling, stacking and banding of unaddressed mail sets, and can be run by just one operator.

Duplo’s first automated system designed specifically for unaddressed mail, the Esper Collator, was launched in the 1970s in Japan, and today the company has over 9,000 installations worldwide at Posts, private distribution companies, newspaper publishers and fulfilment centres.

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