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Post & Parcel Live 2017 - Delivering Postal Transformation

Post & Parcel Live 2017 - Delivering Postal Transformation
On 26th June Duplo will be attending Post & Parcel Live 2017 at the Hallam Conference Centre, London. This one-day seminar, will explore the strategies and tactics to meet the operational and technological challenges that are driving the transformation through the postal industry. The Delivering Postal Transformation Seminar has been designed to inform, engage and inspire you to make better decisions, stay ahead of your competition and deliver efficiencies that impact your bottom line. If you're a mail service provider, a supplier of products and services or a high volume mailer then this is a fantastic learning opportunity.

Neale Horstead from Duplo's Direct Mail Marketing Division will be speaking at the conference about 'Finding Value in Unadressed Mail'. This is a particularly important topic to discuss as various studies and research continues to show that this tried & tested form of advertising is still the most effective in terms of pure response rate. Indeed, despite (and perhaps because of) the growth in digital media, volumes of unaddressed mail are increasing in many countries across Europe. Attendees can expect to take away many opportunities for investing in unaddressed mail, and challenges to consider in order to find the right business model.

At the show, you can expect to find out more about Duplo's new product launch. Due to market demand, in Q3 2017 Duplo will officially launch the DM Mini Collation System. This new system extends the on-line automation of Duplo's current Esper Direct Marketing Collator, increases its productivity, and offers the possibility of job optimisation, job reporting and e-diagnostics. Also in Q3 2017, Duplo will be launching its latest Esper Direct Marketing Collator model DM230V PRO, with increased bin capacity and additional thicker document handling capability.