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mental health week

Currently it may feel like we are in the middle of a storm, waiting for the rainbow to arrive, not being able to visit family, see our colleagues, go out with friends. Waiting for it to pass could start to take a toll on our mental health, so it’s important we do all we can to keep our spirits and morale high. At Duplo we think that print could be a key player to supporting our mental health through this tough time.

Over the past 7 days we have shared 7 ways to use print to improve your mental wellbeing…

Day one

Take time out with books and magazines.

Time out; giving your brain a break from working or other tasks gives it a second to rest and reenergise. Taking some time off for relaxation is vital to help your mind, switching off from pressures, take time alone in peace and quiet by confining in the simple things such as picking up a book or magazine will bring your focus away from work and home stresses.

Day two

Structure your day with a weekly planner, diary or wall calendar.

Have structure, organise your time. This will allow you to manage your workload, take time for what’s important, eliminate the stress of getting caught out by forgotten meetings or appointments (virtual, obviously), you will also find you fit more into your day and get time for those never done activities such as working out or reading the latest issue favourite mag. To structure your days, and actually stick to it your best friend will be your weekly planner, diary or wall calendar.

Day three

Use notebooks or organisers to organise your thoughts.

Don’t keep everything in; organise your thoughts on paper. Trying to attain and remember too much information can quickly and easily become overwhelming, especially when you’ve got lots to get done. Use notebooks or organisers to list your tasks and make the to do list feel manageable. Empty your mind from what was jumbled or scrambled tasks and immediately feel less stressed.

Day four

Share kindness by sending cards and letters.

This year’s mental health theme is Kindness. Be mindful and send cards, letters, postcards to your friends and family. Instead of the usual social media Birthday wish, this year send your friends physical birthday cards. The extra thought well let them know you’re thinking of them, brighten their day and simultaneously brighten up your mindset.

Day five

Unwind in the kitchen by treating yourself to a new cookbook.

Eat well; experimenting with new recipes and making healthy eating habits will make you feel great improving your mental wellbeing, give you some valuable time away from your computer and phone screens, gain and new skill and possibly even make you feel like you’ve been out (perhaps a Michelin star restraint)

Day six:

Stimulate your brain on the crossword page.

Challenge your brain; don’t flick past the crossword page, order a sudoku or puzzle book, or even print out a quiz and a host virtual quiz night. Keeping your active brain will keep you feeling motivated, accomplished and also distract your brain from the real word.

Day seven:

Make a difference by choosing paper over plastic.

Contribute to the environment. Replace your plastic packaging for cardboard packaging, use paper bags and be conscious to buy recycled or paper products. Gain satisfaction and feel accomplished for not opting for convenience or the status quo, be proud, self-assured and confident that you are making the right choices towards and making an impact towards something important.


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