Print Factory Opens New Markets with Duplo Investment

Print Factory Opens New Markets with Duplo Investment

Long-established Rayross Print Factory has invested in new systems from Duplo in a move he says will enable him to offer the trade a more permanent solution to perfect binding.

Ray Ross, who started Rayross Print Factory more than 40 years ago, says the growth of digital printing means that traditional glue processes using EVA adhesive to finish print products are failing to deliver for customers.

So now Ray, who’s based in the centre of Liverpool, says that his investment in Duplo’s KB-4000 PUR binder will put him well ahead of the competition.

Family-owned Rayross Print Factory, which has developed into a modern company at the forefront of computer digital technology, produces all types of printed material by both digital and litho print, from business cards, letterheads, leaflets, and magazines to posters, banners, and showcards.

Ray Ross said: “The printing trade has been slow in moving to PUR for two main reasons. The expenses of converting existing hot glue machines and the cost of the new technology. Basically they make do with hot glue and are limiting their customers to what is available. Hot glue will stick the book together but not for long and certainly not if the book is heavily used or requires to be opened flat.”

Rayross Print Factory has a Duplo KB-4000 PUR binder and a Duplo DC-445 creasing machine. The DC-445 enables the company to put the necessary creases on the covers for attaching to the books, allowing the covers to open more easily.
“Traditionally all perfect binding - wrap around binding, which is used in applications such as paperback books in a book store - is done with an EVA adhesive,” said Ray. “However with the introduction of digital printing, toner based inks have become popular. The toners are not reacting well to the EVA hot glue and therefore are limiting its use.
“PUR, referred to as polyurethane reactive, will adhere to any style of paper and to most materials. It is more robust, requires a thinner layer, lets pages lay flat, does not crack, and is not affected by extreme temperature. It is also stronger, can cope with any paper grain direction and is especially good for digital printing and full colour spread.”

Rayross Print Factory will be using his new equipment from Duplo to develop new business opportunities. Target markets are commercial printers, design agencies, PR companies, authors wanting to see their manuscripts in print, as well as presentation booklets, albums, manuals and brochures.

“I want to show that PUR has many uses,” said Ray. “It’s the future for so many applications in our printing industry. I want to offer this binding at the same price as the hot glue binding so that customers can get a better product at the same price.”