Printers: Why care about Halloween? | Duplo International

Why do printers need to care about Halloween?

Did you know that Halloween is now the third-largest retail event in the UK? It's true! In the UK, Halloween has now surpassed Valentine's Day as the third largest retail event of the year and is only beat by Easter and Christmas. Last year, a total of £419 billion was spent on Halloween products, with a projected increase in spending this year due to the holidays intensifying popularity with millennials.

As this spooky holiday becomes more and more popular, just what exactly does this mean for the print industry?

Where consumers are spending billions is where the print industry should focus. In 2017, 40% of Halloween shoppers spent money on confectionary, 15% on fancy dress and 14% on decorations with 14.2% of these consumers looking to printed adverts and other printed media for their purchasing inspiration.

Now, just think about it, all that confectionary must have printed wrappers, all those fancy-dress costumes will have printed labels and most decorations have printed ghosts, goblins, ghouls and other Halloween characters to them. This is where you, the printer comes in, because who else has the capability and capacity to print off, and innovatively finish all those wrappers, labels and decorations? So, get out there and get started on those BOO-tiful Halloween prints!