Rediscovering the Power of Direct Marketing in Digital Age

How our digitally obsessed world is re-discovering the power of direct marketing

It is estimated that we are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads daily (1). Whilst the gap between these two numbers is quite extreme, it still depicts a simple reality: as a brand, how do you cut through the noise and get heard?

What if we told you that there is a very simple platform that is being re-discovered and that can seriously enhance your campaign.

Yes, let me re-acquaint you with good old Direct Marketing and why you should seriously add it to your mix.

A Direct Mail piece is looked at least four times during a month.

45% of advertising mail is still live after four weeks

14% of door drops are still live after four weeks

21% of all addressed mail and door-drop items go on to create a commercial action

If that isn’t enough, door drops and addressed mail are GDPR compliant,

It triggers an action!
Each piece that enters the home is revisited, on average, 3.8 times. On day one, nearly two-thirds of items are read, after a week 45% are discussed, after two weeks we see online traffic, after three a store visit and after a full 28 days, around 6% of users plan a large purchase.

In fact, a well designed and printed DM is the perfect companion to your online campaign.

And let me destroy one more myth here. Print is Green! Print and paper is a highly sustainable form of communication in today’s digital society. Paper is one of the most recycled resource in the world! As shown in a report from Two Sides

Between 2005 and 2016 European forests grew by 44,000 square kilometers- thats an area bugger than Switerland and amounts to over 1,500 football pitches of forest growth every day!

So not only is the old fashioned DM triggering a deeper connection with your consumers. It is also far being an environmental villain.

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