The right system, whatever your requirements

Whatever job you’re producing, no matter who the end customer is, the format, the level of complexity, the substrate, the colour or embellishment, there is one thing all jobs require: cutting well done!

Whilst it might sound obvious, cutting is where we often see the wrong solution in the wrong environment, resulting in poor efficiency, poor results, and sometimes the need to outsource.

But with so many different cutting devices out there, how can you find out the right one for you? This is where Duplo can help. We have one of the widest range of cutting solutions that exist under one roof, from die cutting, to multifinishers (slitter, cutter, creaser) to digital cutting tables in multiple formats. From business cards to perforated vouchers to greeting cards, shapes, pocket folders and boxes, there isn’t one application that we cannot help you with.

In a fast-changing environment, having versatile cutting solutions that help you do more makes all the difference. Whatever your requirements, we know we can help you reduce waste, remove bottleneck, increase your productivity, or open up new revenue lines.

Reach out and we will work with you to find which solutions will be best to enhance your business

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