Save time, labour and money with the DC-746

Save time, labour and money with the DC-746

How to cut, crease, perforate, score and slit-score – all in a single pass
With many digital presses now capable of printing longer sheets, the ability to impose more applications on a single sheet is important however, being able to finish the sheet efficiently will save you a lot of time and money.

The DUPLO DC-746 never fails to impress with its combination of multi-finishing options, speed, accuracy and ease of use.

True multi-finishing:

The DUPLO DC-746 is capable of up to 30 cuts and 20 creases across a single sheet. In fact, it can slit, cut, crease, perforate, score and slit-score, all in a single pass, and very quickly.

Versatility and flexibility:

You have the option to tailor the DC-746 to suit your very own needs. You can fit up to 4 optional modules enabling you to finish a huge range of applications. Its Rotary Tool Module allows you to easily switch between combinations of scoring, perforating, micro-perforating and slit-scoring down the sheet. Whilst its Cross Tool Module allows you to perforate, micro-perforate or slit-score across the width of the sheet, perpendicular to that created by the Rotary Tool Module. Each tool is programmed to start and stop at any point on your printed sheet.

Total accuracy:

Built for high volume and speed, the DC-746 sets up each tool using a printed registration mark by using a built-in camera, compensating for the problem of image drift on digital presses. It ensures that your processed sheet is finished accurately, with the cuts and creases in precisely the right place every time.

Simple to use its PC controller:

Stores up to 250* jobs

Identifies each job automatically by utilising barcode recognition technology

Sets up each tool, ready to finish your printed sheet

Can be left to run without a dedicated operator, even when several different jobs, stocks and weights are stacked in the feeding tray.

In a nutshell, the DC-746 allows digital printers to produce a wide variety of applications, in a shorter turnaround time and therefore generate higher profits.

As well as being the ideal solution to handle business cards, postcards, leaflets and greeting cards, the advanced options of the DC-746 and its production speed, make it ideal to finish items such as:

• Supermarket and Fast Food chain coupons

• Promotional advertising

• T & L shaped perforated tickets

• Clothing tags

• Boxes

• Direct mail

... to name just a few!

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