Simple Principles for Generating More Revenue

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How do you get new customers through the door and your existing customers spending more? Read on…

We can all presume that when brands and marketers need a print job they will shop around. Brands will be comparing turnaround times, price and innovation meaning printers often get stuck on the competitive battle of ‘the race to zero’. But could there be an alternative solution for printers to make their existing customers extremely loyal and get new customers through the door?

In a competitive landscape brands are looking for ways to differentiate, how can they stand out, be more premium than the competitor, push their brand goals even further? The print you can offer could be the answer.

71% of consumers say print quality impacts their decision to open and read direct mail (6). And 66% of consumers said they tried a new product because of the packaging (7).

Brands are looking for a print solution that achieves the goals of their organisation.

So, what can you do as a printer to better meet the needs of brands and in return generate yourself more revenue?

Have flexible design choices.

  • Inspire your customers with your vast portfolio and the range of options available to them directly from you.
  • Have the capacity to personalise, utilise digital print and demonstrate how you can customise their print from page to page.
  • Have the tools to tweak and amend to their needs. No marketer or brand want to hear ‘that’s not possible’, so have the tools to be dynamic and able to easily modify against shifting trends or their changing requirements.
  • Help brands understand that they can target with print, demonstrate how you can offer small and batched print runs so that they can customise to their market segments.

A recent study by Sparks & Honey reached a very significant conclusion: more than 50% of Millennials and Gen Z consumers are interested in brands that offer personalised products or services (5).                   “Brands today are making huge efforts to reach young generations, which will soon become the key collective to be targeted.”

Go above with customer service.

Printers that have the honest intension of pushing their customer’s print marketing to its full potential are the ones that will retain loyal customers, not to mention strong advocates that will generate you great word of mouth. You will build a relationship and partnership with customers, if you really understand their goals and can demonstrate how your solutions could meet and even excel what they are wanting to achieve, they will not only be willing to dedicate more budget, but also highly value your services and come to rely on you as a provider.

Campaigns that include print are 67% more effective at delivering results, even more so when adding premium touches such as sensory coating, creating more engagement with the piece (6).

Customers will pay a premium in the range of 24% to 89% for digital print enhancements over CMYK. (4)

When asked how familiar they were with printing processes 28% of marketeers and brand owners answered very little or not familiar at all (5), so, don’t expect your customer to know all the options, really excite your customer by educating sand presenting them with opportunities they may not be aware of.

Have sustainable solutions.

Consumers are more likely to buy a product that has environmentally friendly packaging. Brands want to take responsibility for their impact on the environment and know that it is important for the success of their brand. They want to embed this into every element of their business, including their print marketing and packaging.

“More than half of brand owners/marketers select their print providers based on their ability to provide unique ideas to enhance print, offer the newest environmentally sustainable production technologies, and proactively educate on special effects” (5)

Exceed expectations

What if you could do everything we’ve mentioned above and all for a reasonable price within a competitive turnaround time? Well it is possible; you’ve just exceeded their expectations!

  1. Excite customers with your vast portfolio and wide range of capabilities
  2. Have the solutions that can tailor to unique, personalised and customised requests
  3. Have the ability to add value and deliver above and beyond the customer’s goals

And do it affordably and fast; the ultimate competitive package.

Speak to Duplo to see how we have embedded, efficiency, automation, flexibility, and innovation into our solutions to equip printers with the tools they need to drive their print as an unpassable solution to brands and marketeers.

Duplo solutions are developed to have workflow automation, flexibility built in, and premium outputs that give you the strength to be a highly competitive, desirable printer in the market. Offer more to your existing customers, attract new customers and generate your business more revenue.


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