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Step out of the commoditised print fighting arena

There’s no doubt about it, printers just love creatively designed print that is beautifully finished. The print industry award ceremonies are jammed full of amazing creative designs which are printed and stunningly finished, with every printer hoping that their customers applications will win them the coveted prize and the industry recognition so many desire.

But let’s be honest, the printer has printed and finished the application beautifully, but it’s the creative who is ultimately responsible for designing the most engaging pieces. Creatives push print into new and exciting places with exceptional pieces of art, before passing the artwork over to a trusted print partner, who transforms their visions into reality.

We can all take from this. To increase profit margins and move away from a heavily commoditised fighting arena, it’s time to realise that you need more than just quick and efficient finishing or automated precision. If you marry great creative with the latest in print finishing technology surely then, you can produce magical pieces of art that will engage and delight any customer.

That’s why, this February DUPLO are holding a very special event. Experience the sensory world of print at London Calling 2018. Here, we will be showcasing extraordinary designs finished using the latest technology. Learn how using haptics (the science of touch) within print engages with more people than everyday print. See for yourself, how the DuSense Sensory coater stimulates and excites all your senses.

Find out more here, about London Calling 2018.