Sustainability: At the Roots of What We Do | Duplo


In November 2010, Duplo International purchased a 2.45-acre brownfield site that had been derelict for 5 years and obtained planning permission for a 38,000sqft office HQ building. We then commissioned Derby University to produce an environmental Ecotect Report. This report showed the potential for carbon reductions by using energy efficient measures and an environmentally sensitive approach to the construction. The build was completed in November 2011 and the company moved its entire UK staff of 80 and all operations to the new site.

Today we continuously look at ways to improve how we operate as a business, from encouraging recycling initiatives to looking at ways to positively influence our environment. For Duplo, the building is a great start point and we aim to continue along this sustainable path in everything we do.

Our sustainability approach at the heart of our building

We have installed 500sqm of solar panels on the roof. This enables us to save up to 38% over our power bill by selling green solar energy back to the National Grid.

Also on the roof, we have installed 63 SunPipes to catch and channel natural light into the building. Similarly, the open plan office has been designed so that light from the windows can penetrate right into the centre of the workplace. What light is required is provided by ultra-low energy bulbs and motion sensitive lighting in corridors and toilets turn off the lights when nobody is around.

A bank of 10 Wind Catchers on the roof of the building channel natural fresh air into the office. Combined with air source heat pumps we have been able to do away with an energy-hungry air conditioning system.

The building utilises a bank of 12 air source heat pumps for temperature regulation. The system takes heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. The energy is then used to heat the 11km of underfloor heating in the building. Heat pumps can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15°C.

Best practice everyday

In September 2011, the installation of three mixed recycling points in the office and a dedicated high-volume paper recycling bin for showroom waste has helped us reduce our landfill waste by around 75%. We also joined the Terracycle programme in 2019. In October 2011, the company joined the National Cycle Scheme to encourage employees to commute by more sustainable transport. In December 2011, Dyson Air Blade dryers were installed in the toilets because they produce 70% less carbon emissions than conventional hot air dryers. In February 2012, three bat boxes were installed on the outside of the building to encourage endangered wildlife to flourish.

Our second largest supplier IDEAL, where awarded the ISO14001 environmental management standard in January 2012. Duplo Corporation, the company’s main supplier is already certified so over 90% of our sales are now for products sourced from ISO 14001 factories and have ISO 9001 quality standard. All our packaging for both machines and parts are reclaimed, reused or recycled by licensed agents.

The very nature of our range of slitter, cutter, creasing devices, The Duplo 746, 646 and 616 ranges mean that they combine many of the features of standalone machines, the purchase of these multi-finishers reduces the carbon footprint of any printer using them. The need for separate guillotines, creasers, folders and perforators all requiring 16 Amp 3 phase power becomes inefficient when one single phase machine can do all these operations in one pass.

DUPLO prides itself on quality, trust, mutual respect, hard work and equality of opportunity towards our environment, our people & community and our responsible business practice. At Duplo we continuously look at ways to improve how we operate as a business.