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Tips to Make Marketing and Sales Brochures More Effective

Many businesses have created and distributed sales brochures to promote their products or services, yet the majority of these marketing materials are not pushed to their full potential.

Every piece of sales material that a company distributes should make an impression on their potential consumers. The consumer will make a judgment about the company based on what they see. Businesses run the risk of losing sales and customers if the sales brochure is not impactful.

For example, suppose the company's brochure is printed on low-quality paper and badly finished. In that case, the potential customers will easily judge the company based on these aspects, and, worst-case scenario, they will not engage in the offered services.

As a printing service, you can help your clients by creating sales brochures or flyers that generate leads or excitement about a new product or service. So, how can you ensure that your next customers' product brochure or marketing booklet is a success? Here are some helpful tips for creating effective marketing and sales brochures.

Know the Purpose of the Brochure

A brochure is an excellent tool for informing others about the services or products of the business. Knowing the purpose is the first step in developing a good brochure, whether telling potential clients about the services or informing the community about an upcoming event.

A high-quality printed brochure may tell the company's captivating story with relevant, appealing visuals, driving potential buyers to the store, event, or website. When it comes to brochure printing, being clear on the messaging will assist customers to understand exactly what the businesses have to offer and where to find it.

Additionally, whatever the purpose of the brochure, make it as simple as possible by having it bound or stitched flawlessly and in a clear format.

Binding will no longer be a mess if you use our Duplo PFI BIND 2100 PUR, which is precisely measured and the amount of glue on each book block is applied intelligently on the fly.

Put the Reader First

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Let's not ignore the most vital component of your customer’s brochure: who is it for and how will it be used? Is this a museum freebie, information from their organisation, or a show of support for their event? What will the brochure say to someone when they open it? Instead of designing and writing for the company, think about who you're writing for.

Make sure the images grab the target audience’s attention. The content answers queries and informs them, and the finishes, layout, text, and images are all compelling and clear.

For example, if your client is planning a corporate event, the brochure should be professionally designed or keep it elegant by adding spot UV. Spot UV coating is a great way to draw the reader's attention to your logo or special offer immediately with its high clarity and eye-catching coating.

Fit in the Business

The overall look of the brochure should complement your client’s company. Good or clear images of artwork can be utilised to draw attention to whichever aspect of their business is most significant.

Most printing businesses use print embellishments on the images or relevant content to strengthen the reputation of their clients as well as to present high-quality brochures that can help separate them from their competitors.

For example, in a sports equipment brochure, they include embossed images of sports logos as well as team colours in the design to give more emphasis to their products. For a veterinarian, they may mix photos of animals such as cats and dogs with spot UV to create an illusion of fine art.

Customer engagement is no longer solely guaranteed by high-resolution photographs, unique designs, or brilliant colours, but visually appealing print embellishments enhance marketing tools so customers remember the business.

Use High-Quality Images

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Graphics or images are an essential component of brochures. Images will not only make the brochure more appealing, but they will also provide a quick approach to deliver the message.

After choosing the right image, double-check that the quality is high enough to avoid pixelated prints. The brochure's overall quality and design have an impression on the company's image.

Adding print embellishments such as embossed spot UV and foiling to the brochure is one way to add quality finishes and catch clients' attention. They're simply the finishing touch that adds the 'wow' factor to the brochure and a quick way to make brochures stand out from the crowd.

Incorporating these interesting features into the brochure might help focus attention on a specific area that you think is noteworthy. Illusion images captivate the majority of customers, so check out the Duplo DuSense DDC-810 Sensory Coater, which provides a digital embossed effect for first-class finishes. This is a machine that will definitely make the brochure stand out.

Choose the Right Font

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When creating a brochure, make sure to utilise the same font type that your client uses in their logo and other promotional materials. Maintaining consistency is critical and has a significant impact on how customers view businesses.

Different fonts have their own personalities, and the tone of your font should fit the tone of the business image. For example, if your client wants to appear professional, don't use Comic Sans. This font type is appropriate for children's entertainment and comic strips, but not for business events, products, or services.

A basic font such as Arial or Times New Roman is probably safe to use. However, make sure to choose a font that is appealing to the eye, clear, and easy to read.

However, keep in mind that the design will become cluttered and confusing if you use too many different font types. Furthermore, its visual coherence will be ruined.

Create a Striking Headline

The first thing potential consumers see is the brochure's cover. It sets the tone for the rest of the marketing materials, so it must be appealing, memorable, and professional.

This can be done by creating a headline that clearly states what your clients offer and how it helps their customers. You could also add their target audience's potential challenges and the solutions that the company can provide.

Remember that the average reader looks at the cover of a marketing brochure for less than 5 seconds before deciding whether or not to read it. Few people will bother to open a brochure if the title on the front is uninteresting. 

Knowledgeable in Brochure Styles

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After you've figured out how much content you'll need for your client’s brochure, you can choose a brochure style. You have the option of selecting a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure. A nicely folded brochure makes a difference because it is important to be presentable when giving customers more information about the company, services, and products.

If you're thinking about making a tri-fold brochure, our Duplo DF-990 Paper Folding Machine offers different folding selections and the fastest turnaround time.

User-Friendly Flow

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The booklet's goal is to engage, inform, and pique curiosity. This means that having the proper balance of pictures and content in the brochure design will help your client achieve their goal.

Consider the flow of content from the perspective of the reader, and make sure the information and design are not confusing and presented in a style that the reader would like.

A user-friendly flow of brochure can be achieved by using a step booklet format. Customers may find a page they need quickly without having to search for a particular page in this layout, making browsing easier.

Consider using our iSaddle 5.0 Booklet Maker, which is well-known for its convenience and flexibility to create a nicely folded step booklet. It can handle more complex book formats as well, such as the step booklets, variable-size page booklets, and landscape booklets in high-quality, intelligent results in less time.

Attention-Grabbing Designs

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One of the most crucial brochure design recommendations is to produce a brochure that catches people's attention and has a significant aesthetic effect. The more appealing the brochure is to the eye, the more likely someone will pick it up and keep it.

If your client is promoting a high-profile event or product, such as a night out, an exhibition, or a festival, the brochure can’t be boring. One unique design that produces striking effects when they're added to a brochure is inserts with die-cuts. It also gives brochures a new, stylish look.

As you would imagine, die-cutting is a pretty technical design, but with our Duplo PFi DI-CUT 310, we can assist you in achieving your inserts concept. This is particularly useful for designs with unique shapes and patterns.

Connect with Digital

Printed brochures are an excellent approach to attract people to the client’s website and keep them engaged with the digital content. Remember to add your client’s links to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram in the brochure to promote their social media presence.

QR codes can be added to the brochures to connect their customers to the digital world. These codes drive customers to their website to learn more about the business, products, and services.

Add a Call to Action

Lastly, provide a clear call to action and provide guidance to the audience. Make this section of the brochure stand out and be hard to overlook. Give the readers a compelling reason to take action right now.

Readers may have concerns or want to learn more about the offerings. You can drive your client's customers to their business and build trust by including their email and phone number in an engaging call to action.

Effective Brochures Can Drum Up Business

Designing a brochure that the customers would want to keep is a challenging task. However, you can create pamphlets that get the message across clearly and provide the best ROI by focusing on even the most minor details and putting the customers' needs.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, keep in mind that high-quality finishing, such as print embellishments, folding, and die-cutting, makes a huge difference in creating an effective sales brochure. It offers a unique way for customers to remember the business.

By offering additional services, you not only help your customers grow their business, but you’re also ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty to yours. Browse Duplo's innovative machines to find a product that meets all of your business's needs for a creative and striking finish.

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