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Unaddressed mail: The power of print part one

Unaddressed mail is back!

Despite the huge growth of digital advertising over the last 10 years, unaddressed mail volumes have remained stable.1. In our digital era consumers are craving tactile interactions, unaddressed mail gives consumers something to hold and engage with.

Unaddressed mail remains one of the most effective advertising media in terms of response rates.

Each piece that enters the home is revisited, on average 3.8 times.2

Nearly two thirds of items are read on day one.2

21% of all addressed mail and door drop items create commercial action.5

43% of households let leaflets determine their shopping list.4

50% of leaflet readers regularly buy a product from a leaflet.4. As consumers want a mix of medias the successful brands will be the ones that use all media smartly to connect deeper with customers.

It could be a huge mistake for advertisers to ignore unaddressed mail.

To learn more and get access to the full report look out for Unaddressed mail: The power of print part 2 and part 3.

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