Value vs Cost Cutting: Which is more powerful? | Duplo

Value versus Cost Cutting, which is more powerful?

Duplo strive to go above and beyond on quality and value so that your clients won’t be comparing your costs with other print providers, below we will look into which is actually more powerful.

We regularly visit printers and more than often see them rushed off their feet to deliver exceptional quality with a tiny turn around, so much so that they can barely get it all done. Does there need to be the struggle of this impossible task to achieve both, both at the same time and do it well.

Print providers are so busy and focused on delivery that they don’t have time to breathe. Last minute print jobs are causing chaos in the production room and effecting that value offering they work so hard to provide.

So what is it customers are demanding for?

Faster turnaround times
A unique finish that will separate them from the rest
A cost-effective solution
Increasing your speed of production will bring down the cost per unit but does it deliver the following?

Opportunity to use new materials, deliver a uniqueness that no one else does.
New technologies that keep you ahead of trends, such as dynamic printing that supports efficiency.
Educating customers on the solution that is truly best for them.
‘Thriving off innovation will nothing but impress your customer.’

So, if you’re looking to maximise the opportunities available in the market, printers need to stop focusing on how quick and how cheap they can do something but how well they can deliver what their customer actually wants to achieve, their long-term marketing goal; educating customers on how their print will enhance their communication outcomes.

Overall, looking at the long-term goal, improve sustainable working where you are still relevant for your customers way into the future moving away from a cost focus to a value focus may be more beneficial.

How can you deliver more value to you customer?

Flexibility, advanced efficiency, and a highly unique finishes are all features Duplo take pride in across their whole range of print finishers.