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More and more, consumers want to feel treated as individuals, rather than like everyone else. Take for example the retail industry – if brick & mortar shops offer the same as what their customer can buy online, their future look very bleak. If however they evolve in delivering an experience that cannot be delivered online, end users will still visit their shop to experience that moment.


What is the link to the Print world? Everything. Because the same need to deliver a unique experience is the reason why brands have ditched the ‘one size fits all approach’ to print customised and localised assets, where everything from the paper or cardboard used, to the design, the colour, the embellishment and finishing has been carefully crafted and executed to deliver that unique experience.


And it’s all been possible because digital technology has transformed the print and packaging world, giving printers the ability to respond dynamically to a changing market.


What’s changed?

  1. People have switched to online shopping; Delivery packaging market has boomed
  2. The boom in online shopping has put small and big businesses on an even playing field; Small businesses the opportunity to invest in print in order to stand out.
Our new landscape; graphic

Where are the opportunities?

  • More customisation in print and packaging.

“Digital makes it easier for brands to tap into consumer trends such as customisation. Now, it’s up to brands to think beyond just putting a consumers’ name on a product, and consider how customisation can truly add to the experience. Customisation within a framework can maintain a brand’s integrity while delivering a personalised, premium experience.”

  • Acting fast to tap into consumer trends.
  • Special offers and limited editions, practically in packaging

All of which become affordable and achievable with digital design and printing.


Commercial printers: here’s your opportunity to rejuvenate your business.

  • Enhance your offering to generate new revenue or add value to existing customers through customised and targeted approach to print and packaging.
  • It’s now achievable to be dynamic and adapt with consumer trends to always remain innovation and relevant; become competitive at engaging new business and securing loyal/repeat customers because you stay current.
  • Go above and beyond on what you can deliver; digital has the flexibility to exceed expectation for price, turnaround and personalisation.


If printers succeed to demonstrate how print and packaging is an extremely powerful and an integral part of their marketing activity brands will be back for print in every single campaign.


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