Workflow Automation - Can You Afford to Miss Out? | Duplo

workflow automation

Not that long ago, improving efficiency for a printer meant investing in faster systems that could do more.


Today, with the increased level of short print runs, faster turnaround needs, and the time spent to adjust systems and jobs, increasing mechanical speed is no longer enough. In fact, one of the most instant ways to improve efficiency is through workflow automation. Once restricted to the bigger players, and requiring a substantial investment, solutions now exist that can instantly benefit the smaller digital print establishments, such as the Ultimate Impostrip Pro from Duplo International.


Did you know that Ultimate’s Impostrip Pro software solution allows you to shorten your print process? In fact, by bringing post-press together with pre-press, it allows you to reduce the number of manual touchpoints from the moment you book a job in, to the moment it’s ready for dispatch (and invoiced).


Less manual touchpoints = increased efficiency and speed


Additionally, the Ultimate Impostrip Pro allows you to get the most automation out of your Duplo finishing equipment. What it translates into is a lesser need for specialist operators, and the opportunity for you to re-deploy your workforce where you really need it.


You can even get the imposition done and finishing barcode added remotely. With this flexibility there will be no delays, your staff on site simply loads the printed sheet into your Duplo finishing device and let our automated solutions do the rest.


Imagine how you could improve your offering (and bottom line) if you had the ability to print short runs, variable data, to a short turnaround, and meeting changing demands competitively? The question is not whether you should look into it or not. The question is: can you afford not to?


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