A Year in Review: The Best Packaging Designs that Defined 2022


It’s time to take a look back into the top packaging design trends that we saw in 2022. It’s also possible that we will see these in 2023 as well, but in 2022, these designs defined the year.

With more and more thought and meaning going into packaging (and its process) by packaging designers, package design has evolved to much more than simple product boxes. In this blog, we’ll have a quick rundown of the importance of product packaging, then we’ll dive straight into a number of various packaging designs that were the best of 2022.

Let’s get to it.

The Importance of Product Packaging

In the UK, between 2023 to 2028, the packaging industry is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8%. This growth could be attributed to the demand for packaging and labelling solutions in the country - e-commerce, the demand for sustainable packaging in food packaging design, personalised products, and the general growth of the industrial packaging sector are all driving this rise in the UK packaging market.

Whilst the market is growing, this also means that there is an increased pressure on businesses to deliver effective packaging box designs that appeal to consumers. Last year, we saw businesses doing exactly this - innovative packaging that was both attractive to consumers and satisfied their demands.

One study has found that 72% of consumers in the US alone agreed that a product’s package design can influence their purchase decision when it comes to buying a product. This shows the importance of packaging box designs in shaping consumer behaviours, especially in terms of finalising their purchases.

As you can see, there are certainly benefits in ensuring that products are packaged attractively - both design and materials used. So, without further ado, what were the best packaging designs of 2022?

Engage and Interact

Product packaging should not only appeal to consumers, it should also encourage them to interact with the product itself. This is why the trend of packaging box designs aimed at engaging consumers was extremely popular in 2022.

An example of this would be a package design with a QR code that consumers could scan for further information about the product or the brand. This can help save space on the product’s packaging which could be utilised in other ways such as placing artwork or an illustration, making the packaging more appealing.

Additionally, another example would be to use iridescent packaging where the colour of the packaging appears to change when the angle of view or illumination changes. This type of packaging is very creative and would encourage consumers to play around with the product to see it change colour.

Minimalist and Simplistic

The concept of minimalism is increasingly becoming popular, so it is not surprising that we are also seeing minimalistic packaging box designs. Keeping packaging simple is not only safe, but it can also improve the chances of consumers being intrigued by the product due to its packaging.

In a saturated market where products are constantly vying for consumer attention, with extravagant and extraordinary designs created to catch people’s eye, sometimes the simplest designs are more likely to catch and hold attention.

Think about it - consumers will be familiar with grand packaging, but minimalistic designs may be something unique in the market. Simple branding, possibly a few small illustrations, and all of the essential information about the product - what else could they need?

It’s also worth noting that these types of designs are without a doubt effortless to create, plus with the use of automated print finishing machines, turnover rate is improved and packaging is easily ready for distribution.

Colour Gradients

Product boxes that utilise gradients are definitely stylish, and with the variety of colours that can be used as gradients, the number of designs that can be created with this style is endless!

A gradient is a style where one colour blends into another, also known as colour transitions. Let it be known that gradients are not limited to two colours - there can certainly be more, but with packaging box designs, a two-colour gradient is enough.

Since 2018, gradients have re-emerged as a frontrunner in designs from logos to packaging to web design. They add texture to backgrounds and are a great idea for packaging designers who may be struggling with packaging design style.

The gradient trend in packaging has seen brands use gradients in a way that resonates with their brand message. Whether that’s subtle for skincare products to bold for sports-related products, colour gradients are ideal for adding interest and character to a brand’s packaging.

Going Green(er)

As tensions surrounding climate change and global warming increase, consumers are demanding corporations to incorporate greener practices into their business operations. This includes their packaging box designs, and the materials and process to produce them.

In fact, one report has discovered that 86% of consumers in the US are more likely to purchase a product if the packaging is considered sustainable and eco-friendly. As you can see, consumers are demanding a shift towards sustainable packaging, and businesses should do what they can to fulfil this demand - to retain customers and boost customer loyalty.

Sustainable packaging is desired not only in food packaging design, but also for non-food products. This means that businesses in general, regardless of their industry, should attempt to make their packaging as sustainable as possible.

In terms of packaging materials, recyclable materials are more frequently used such as recyclable plastic, paper, and cardboard. In addition to this, we are also seeing brands create packaging that can be re-used by consumers which is another big step towards sustainability.


For products made in specific regions, 2022 saw illustrations and artwork on their packaging that was related to that region or area. Be it a country, city, town, or village, related illustrations were placed on product packaging.

This is especially common in food packaging design, however, this design style is not limited to food products. For instance, a skincare brand originating from Jamaica can be seen with illustrations of Jamaican culture on its packaging.

The same is seen with a body lotion company where shea butter derived from Ghana is the main ingredient in many of their products, and one that they heavily advertise, therefore, artwork of Ghanaian culture or history is also used in their packaging.

The above are just a few examples of how localised illustrations are being used in the packaging industry. In doing this, brands are connecting their products with their packaging which in turn effectively improves the presentation of the products.

Illustrations of Product

Similarly, illustrations or icons relating to the product itself can also enhance the visual imagery of the product’s packaging. For instance, a shampoo with a strong essence of strawberries may have illustrations and artwork of strawberries on its packaging, indicating that the shampoo has the aroma of strawberries.

By hinting details of the product to consumers, potential customers are provided with an idea of the product that they may be interested in purchasing. Relevant imagery, like with localised illustrations, can provide a link between packaging and the product which in turn can make the product and brand more memorable to the consumer.

With advancements in print technology, printing such illustrations on packaging has never been easier with the use of digital printing methods, so it’s no surprise that this style was certainly trendy in 2022.

One-of-a-kind Typography

When it comes to brand recall and brand recognition, of course brand logos are beneficial for this. Who doesn’t know the iconic Nike logo? Even its competitor, Adidas, has a recognisable logo.

Whilst there is certainly a value to brand logos, hence why they are frequently used on product packaging, unique typography shouldn’t be overlooked - and 2022 saw that it wasn’t.

With typography, a brand can create its own original composition of writing and use it at the centre of their packaging designs. Whether that’s for a brand name, or the product name and details, using a unique font in packaging can certainly captivate consumers’ attention.

It can make product boxes stand out from the crowd, especially in a market where illustrations and artwork may dominate product packaging.

Packaging Designs in 2023

So, we’ve gone through some of the best packaging of 2022 - what does this mean for this year?

It goes without saying that in 2023, we’ll definitely be seeing some, if not all, of these designs in the packaging market. In particular, you can expect more packaging being produced using sustainable materials and eco-friendly methods.

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