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What is UV Coating?

The UV Coating Process

UV Coating: Uses and Applications

Advantages of UV Coating

Types of UV Coating

Tips on UV Coating Design

Why Choose UV Coating Printing?

UV Coating at a Glance

Discover the Benefits of UV Coating

State-of-the-Art UV Coating and Printing Technology


In the world of manufacturing, packaging is everything. In addition to protecting the product inside, packaging catches the consumer's attention and makes the item stand out on the shelf. One way to make your product shine is by adding a UV coating to the packaging.


UV coating is a printing process that applies a thin layer of UV-cured acrylic to your printed piece. This protective layer helps extend the life of your print and gives it a high-gloss finish.

You can apply UV coating to boxes, business cards, flyers, invitations, and other print materials.


This article will discuss everything you need to know about UV coating and how this process can benefit your business or arts and crafts project!

What is UV Coating?

UV coating, also known as UV varnishing, is a type of finish you add to packaging. It uses polymer resin and ultraviolet light to cover print materials with a glossy, protective layer. UV coating is a great alternative to printing as it offers more precise control over colour, image and design and does not require water-based ink.

The UV Coating Process

UV coating is a transparent compound first applied wet and then dried with ultraviolet light. The coating hardens and instantly dries when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. When UV light hits the coating, it cures the resin, creating a hard and glossy finish.


UV coating chemicals include calcium carbonate, polyethene, and kaolinite; manufacturers refine and mix them with viscosifiers to help them stick to the paper. They then use a UV coating machine to apply and cure the coating.

UV Coating: Uses and Applications

You can use UV coating on all types of paper products. It does a beautiful job of enhancing packaging and surfaces with unique, intricate designs. Manufacturers and e-commerce vendors also utilise it to strengthen their packaging for transit.


UV coatings vary in colour, thickness, and reflectivity. A high-gloss or subtle matte finish is popular among premium printing applications. For design and functionality purposes, you can apply it to the front, back or the entire surface.


Spot UV Coating

If you want to create unique designs that require a more targeted application, you can use spot UV coating. This effect highlights certain spots or areas on the packaging to direct the consumers’ attention to focal points in your packaging or material.


Other Uses of UV Coating

UV coating is most commonly used in the printing industry to provide a glossy finish to printed materials. However, you can also use it for other purposes. For example, You can apply it to photographs to protect them from fading and on wood floors to prevent scratches.


In addition, UV coating can be used on car windshields and windows to reduce glare and make driving safer. As these examples illustrate, it is a versatile product with many potential applications.

Advantages of UV Coating

High-Shine Finish and Beautiful Textures

UV coating produces a high-gloss finish. You can use it to create special effects such as pearlescent or metallic finishes to add depth and dimension to images printed on a flat sheet. The textures and patterns take your packaging or page to the next level, enhancing the overall beauty and value of the product.


Colour Vibrancy

Colours appear more vivid with UV coating. The high-gloss finish makes colours appear brighter and sharper, and it can give your overall marketing campaign a more sophisticated look.


High Definition

This coating renders clearly and accurately on surfaces, making details appear crisp and lively. Such a level of clarity is perfect for photographs and company logos.


Superior Quality

Applying UV coating to your packaging makes your product look more professional and high-quality. It inspires confidence in your brand and increases the likelihood of a purchase. A well-executed, eye-catching UV coating design draws consumers in and appeals to their aesthetic sense and connection with the brand.



In addition to its visual appeal, UV coating also helps to extend the shelf life of packaged products by protecting them from moisture and dirt. It adds a layer of protection against smudging, marking, and scratching. It helps to protect your printed materials from wear and tear and makes them less likely to fade in sunlight or be damaged by water.


This means your print materials retain their high quality, and you get more value out of your money. UV coating is ideal for catalogues, brochures, postcards, posters, and other marketing assets employees are likely to handle and transport.



The quick drying time of UV coating via UV light exposure lessens production time and errors. This facilitates more efficient shipping and delivery.


Make your product shine by adding UV coating to the packaging. You can apply it to invitations, boxes, business cards, flyers, and other print materials.

Types of UV Coating

UV coating comes in many varieties:



Gloss UV coating is just as the name suggests; it is a highly reflective and glossy coating.


Spot Gloss

Spot gloss UV coating combines a precise raised design with to create a textured finish and add dimension and tactile interest.



Matte is a flat satin finish that keeps light from reflecting off the surface. Matte coatings provide the same level of protection as glossy coatings but with a softer, velvety finish.



This is a pearlescent look UV coatings are perfect for creating a unique and luxurious look for your print. These coatings add a subtle shimmer to your piece.


For even more unqiue, mesmerising and premium UV coating, brands can also explore holoemboss, glitter and foil coating to transform their print and packaging.

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Tips on UV Coating Design

Whether you prefer a minimalist or a bold and dramatic design, UV coating can help you achieve that. You can incorporate different types into your packaging or print materials to create a one-of-a-kind design. To produce tactile and visual contrast, use both glossy UV coating and matte.


For a more powerful impact, you can use other embellishments like die-cutting, embossing, and foiling together with UV coating. You can also experiment with bright and monochrome colours. Try spot UV coating if you want to draw the eye towards your logo and tagline.

Why Choose UV Coating Printing?

Increased Response Rates

Many studies have shown that people are more likely to respond to print marketing materials that have been UV-coated. The improved appearance and durability make them more effective at generating leads and sales.

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The Cost of UV Coating

UV coating is a popular option for print products, as it offers a high level of protection against fading and damage from UV light. However, the cost of coating varies widely, depending on the type of product coated and the coating’s thickness.


In general, thicker coatings will offer more excellent protection but will also be more expensive. For this reason, it is essential to compare quotes from multiple suppliers before selecting a vendor.


Additionally, many suppliers offer discounts for large orders, so it may be worth considering UV coating for numerous products simultaneously. Take the time to research your options so you ensure you get the best price.

UV Coating at a Glance

To summarise, UV coating is a clear liquid applied to a print's surface. It cures when exposed to ultraviolet light, creating a durable finish resistant to abrasion and fading. It can be glossy or matte, and you can apply them to both sides of a print for added protection.


In addition to its practical benefits, UV coating gives marketing assets a high-end look and feel, making them more impressive and professional. It engages the consumers' senses by creating a more tactile and visual experience while they handle the product. By taking this extra step to beautify your packaging or print material, consumers will be more likely to make a purchase and leave a positive review.

Discover the Benefits of UV Coating

UV coating is a low-risk, high-reward method of enhancing the marketing appeal and quality of paper products. It is an ideal solution for businesses that need long-lasting prints with a professional finish. If you want to make your printed materials stand out from the competition, consider using UV coating!

State-of-the-Art UV Coating and Printing Technology

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