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Generate new revenue with packaging | Duplo International


Generate new revenue with packaging | Duplo International

 THE OPPORTUNITY to generate new revenue with packaging

The current circumstances have presented a tough time for printers, print runs are being cut and the pressure to reduce costs have become ever more. But there is still opportunity out there, one of these being the packaging sector.  

What do we mean by packaging?

Packaging is not just tins of baked beans and cereal packets that are produced in tens of millions every day. Not every package is a creased and folded box, and not every product requires conversion from a B2 size sheet.   There are many physical forms that relate to packaging because they accompany another physical product, and not necessarily enclose it.   Examples include labels, tags, wraps, sleeves and essentially any materials used to present goods in an advantageous way.

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends estimates that the global retail value of digital labels, folding cartons, and corrugated packaging will almost double to $18 billion by 2023.

bespoke playing cards

Packaging?  Short run promotional goods are great for supporting events and take-aways.   Adding curves lends a nice tactile feel to a product.  

Example : Printing on 350gsm single sided packaging board, laminated, 3D sensory coating applied with Duplo DuSense, cut and creased using PFI DiCut300

But what is driving the change to create opportunities for commercial printers?

1.The need for short runs

To achieve mass customization and operational efficiency, brands increasingly order print more often and in smaller amounts. Brands thus want localised versions, event-related goods, and packaging for consumers in different age groups and family situations. They also want to respond quickly to market changes or events, and they don’t want to pay for wasted inventory.  All of these considerations spur companies of all sizes to order short runs.

2.Improved technology

Brand owners have come to accept digital printing as a helpful option; they value its ability to incorporate variable data and to personalise a product to a specific individual. Printer vendors have increased the maximum thickness of media that can be handled by digital print engines, while paper mills have expanded the range of material suitable for digital print far beyond regular bond paper and board, making them suitable for small format cartons or blister card packaging.

3.Producing hight quality, innovative applications

Brands are looking for packaging applications that will give them differentiation and deliver value to their customer.  A Print Service Provider needs to develop capabilities to deliver a wide range of applications and continually adapt this as trends and innovations evolve.

4. Relevance improves the customer experience

Not necessarily lowest cost, the packaging should reflect the ideals and needs of the client and the user.  This can include experiential packaging that raises the user’s belief that the contents are a great product and relevant to them.   Offer brands personalised, innovative, high quality packaging with a fast turnaround and all for a competitive price, within a budget that’s profitable for you, there aren’t many solutions out there that will achieve all this.   Use for short runs, test marketing new products, as well as demo samples for longer runs that will be produced using traditional printing methods.


Gift and promotional packaging can be produced in convenient short runs by working direct from digital files without dies.  

Example : Printing on 350gsm single sided packaging board, laminated, 3D sensory coating applied with Duplo DuSense, foil applied by DuSense Digifoil, cut and creased using PFI Blade B3

In conclusion …

This segment is experiencing healthy growth, and opportunities are emerging for commercial printers to capitalize on, whether by working with their existing customers or attracting new ones. Thousands of today’s brand owners are seeking to enhance their offerings with creative solutions.  Please contact us to discuss how Duplo’s packaging solutions could be the perfect investment to meet this opportunity and help you generate new revenue with packaging.

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Thanks to Infotrends and Ricoh for their whitepaper “Expanding Your Product Footprint with Packaging” available from https://whitepaper.takealookatricohproduction.com/packaging/

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