PFI 300 Die cut

For fast job turnaround and a wide selection of finishing functions, the compact PFi DI-CUT 300 is your versatile and highly productive short-run die cutting system. This great little machine lets you die cut, kiss cut, crease, perforate, slit, hole punch and cut round corners in one process, on both digital and offset-printed sheets.

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Features and Benefits

Image recognition
Accurate cutting
East waste removal
Easy use
Suction air feeding


Rotary Magnetic Cylinder Die Cutter
Min Paper Size 210mm x 297mm
Max Paper Size 388mm x 524mm
Min Paper Thickness 0.22mm
Max Paper Thickness 0.40mm
Speed 7200 cycles per hour, finishing
3600 sheets per hour


We took some of our materials and ran them through the die-cutter to see how it dealt with them. I could see straight away that it was perfect – it was exactly what we were looking for.


Ed Oakes, Director at Spingold