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What is DuSense? Raise your printed page up to a whole new level with Duplo's digital print embellishment. It heightens the senses and engages whoever receives the printed application by creating a digital emboss, in a way that until recently, was out of the price range of most commercial printers. The easy-to-use Duplo DuSense Sensory Coater, with its compact design, now makes it possible for you to offer a highly premium, profitable digital embellishment service to customers. The Duplo DuSense gives you the capabilities to advance your premium offering in a flexible, practical, and affordable way with its compact size, dynamic nature and automated design you can now achieve first-class finishes that add huge amounts of value to both your customer and the end consumer.

Where to use print embellished? Create an intricate texture and capture the senses for the highest level of engagement on your business cards, flyers, invitations, brochures and much more.

*DuSense not available in France.

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High performance embellishment.
Add value with this highly engaging sensory coater, made achievable with this easy-to-use and compact digital embellisher.
Lower Semantics

Create texture as intricate as a hand embellished canvas to make business cards, brochures, art prints and much more work harder. Add spot uv coatings to any printed piece in a single pass creating the illusion of fine art, hand embellished and embossed effects, digitally and therefore efficiently and cost effectively.