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Early PFi Blade B3+ Adopters Expand their Offering

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Early PFi Blade B3+ Adopters Expand their Offering

Early PFi Blade B3+ adopters, Imprenta Bielsa, expand their offering, reach new markets and achieve flexibility that enhances customer orientated business.

Imprenta Bielsa (Alicante, Spain) are an offset and digital printing specialist; with more than 55 years in the print industry, spanning three generations, they have focused their efforts on responding to market demands right from the very beginning. Their experience and technologies allow them to stay ahead of change and satisfy their customers’ requirements with fast and high-quality finishes.

Carlos Bielsa, the manager of the company, has a forward-thinking mindset for their customer orientated business. Imprenta Bielsa strive to create a top-quality service so that their customer’s products stand out from the crowd.

The organisation likes to be up to date and they are interested in technological, marketing and design news.

Spanish distributor, EMGraf, spoke with Carlos on behalf of Duplo…


What made you choose the PFi Blade B3+ over other flat bed cutters on the market?

I was looking for an equipment that would replace my grandfather's old typographic blade machine, which he did small jobs. We were a bit limited because we had to outsource die cutting for large format jobs. Also, now everything is automated.

People are increasingly asking for more short runs, and with the PFi Blade we can give them different applications for different sizes. It is automatic. You leave it working and that's it. It also allows us to expand our offer with boxes. We want to promote this issue and with the new website and other actions we are going to promote it.

We saw it as an investment. You save money on the die, between € 2,000 and € 3,000 for sure.

How many operators have you assigned to the machine?

At the moment only two people, but in reality, it is very automatic.

It is more a matter of the designer preparing the file and being attentive if you have to change pressure, blade, or some other detail.

With two hours you learn it.

Was the installation and adaptation process easy for learning the software?

A couple of hours training.

On the second day of installation we were able to do tests. And the third day was just to finish seeing that everything was fine, to be able to do the first job.

What type of work do you plan on doing on the machine?

Cards, folders, and specially boxes for packaging. With the machine we can make different types and sizes.

It’s the best to give a response to small companies, freelancers, particulars. Who want to make short runs customizing these types of jobs. And for these applications it is more convenient to be able to stamp ourselves than to have to outsource.

We want to launch a campaign by the end this year and beginning next year. And then, in March, for weddings, baptisms and communions, for example. Packaging for masks. And more and more applications will emerge.

Do you operate as a trade (printer to printer) or direct to consumer printer? Or both?

Both, although are small jobs for other printers. But now, even more, we could perfectly give the service to those who need it.

The printing industry sector is changing and the idea is to drive 20-30% of the work we did with offset, to applications such as PFi Blade allowed us.

Do you already have some work for the machine that you perhaps planned on bringing in house before you purchased the machine?

We have been with the machinery for 10 days and it was nonstop. First, with small jobs that we did with the old blade machine. That has helped us to mess around.

And now we can make some folders for a client, for example, without having to take them outside for the measurements.

I press the button and leave the machine working. You are checking that it does not need any adjustment, and after a while you have the order made.

Was this an easy decision to make taking into account the current pandemic?

Actually, at first we wanted a folding machine. But at the end we saw an opportunity with this one. We saw it very clearly.

My parents have worked all their lives on the sector, now they are 70 years old. And when they have seen the machine they are speechless at the possibilities it has.

A range of opportunities have opened up for us to reach more market.

“I think that who does not take this step, to offer something more than printing, will go down.”

A small change allows you more profit margin, offering a good service at a good price. You can send me the design and in one day we will make it come true.

So we are going to launch a campaign that we can do packaging and continue working.


Discover more about how the the PFi Blade B3+ could enhance your business by talking to us.

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