Tormiq invest in Duplo equipment to stay dynamic.

Tormiq are a digital and litho print house based in Barcelona, Spain, after seeing the print market transform and evolve over the last two years, have invested in new equipment to ensure they stay at the forefront of the industry. 

After three generations of experience in print that started with typography, Tormiq now primarily print with a Xerox digital press, however just like their printing, their finishing has had to evolve too. After owning and using a guillotine, the decision was made to purchase a Duplo DC-616; after years of using it for a variety of different applications including business cards, menus and leaflets. In time, the Catalan market has begun requesting more complex jobs with shapes and round corners, as such there was an opportunity to diversify their product offering, and keep up with what they’re customers needed… queue the PFi Blade B3+.

After using the machine for a little under a year now, the PFi Blade B3+ has become an integral part of the Tormiq plant list, being used to create all manner products for their customers. Duplo visited to speak to the guys themselves!