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5 revenue opportunities in booklet making: 2023 and beyond

Books are one of the oldest forms of media that still remain in our everyday lives. In 2023 we are going to see brands modernise this long-standing medium by giving books the experience we have got used to online. Introducing exclusivity and personalisation into the booklets, brochures, catalogues, and magazines we receive.

“We are in a revolution of data driven printing and personalisation”

Booklet Making: What are we going to see in the next 12-18 months?

  1. Targeted catalogues
  2. Brands transform welcome packs
  3. Booklets within our subscription services
  4. Magazines that enhance exclusivity
  5. Physical information booklet  

Targeted Catalogues

retail magazine

The fast evolution of digital marketing saw catalogues being left behind (due to lack of targeting), but this year we will see catalogues catch -up. With connectivity and automation in print we have already seen big retail brands opt for a physical AND targeted method for their consumers to shop. Consumers value the moment of flicking through a catalogue, and now we can engage them even further by including content on their specific shopping habits and personas.

Brands transform welcome packs

Holiday magazine

Welcome packs will be stepped-up due to the growing perception of print as an exclusive and premium offering. Industries such as cruises, package holidays or business travel will start offering their customers bespoke booklets with itineraries, tear-away tickets, destination information and optional extras. As we go on, we will see more and more marketeers using print to create or enhance an experience.

Booklets that compliment subscription services

Gusto book

81% of households are signed up to at least one subscription service [1], lending brands the opportunity to communicate to huge network subscribers. An exclusive booklet with information on this month’s subscription adds value and a brand experience but, is also an opportunity to upsell additional products or offer discounts such as refer a friend.

Sending consumers a catalogue can boost purchase rates by 24%[2].

Magazines that enhance exclusivity


If you’re paying a premium to be part of a sports club, local society or any other private organisation you expect an exclusive experience. Short run, print on demand and online design services have enabled these businesses to enhance their premium experience by sending out a quarterly or even monthly ‘members only’ magazine.

Premium service pack

Silent services such as pensions, investments, or healthcare, how do they maintain a relationship with their customers?

As our day-to-day costs rise it’s getting harder for these industries to justify their importance and maintain their share of customer spending. What better way to nurture them than with quality booklet making; regular communication, in a non-invasive, but added value piece of communication. Keep them up-to-date and in the loop with the benefits of their investment, plus giving the feeling of exclusivity with the brand.

Overall booklets, brochures, catalogues, and magazines will connect with the consumer in a way that differentiates from the overcrowded digital space. They enhance brand experience, and now with the ability to personalise and target, booklet making will engage in way that online shopping can’t match.

Brands will leverage booklets as they create a moment and builds a lasting connection with customers.



[2] Source: Sappi Papers, The Marketer’s Guide to Marketing in Print, 19 Dec 2022. 


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