Changing Consumer Behaviours: Evolving to Generate Demand

Covid 19 tent stand

This year saw one of the largest global matters seen in decades, nearly 80 per cent of global population had come under stay-home orders, changing the way we all work, spend our time, make purchases and much more…

The print world it has seen

Card companies have seen card sales soar, Moonpig recently reported online personalised cards orders growing by 156% amid the virus crisis (3).

Regulations for event sizes look to remain for the foreseeable future, seeing rise in intermit and exclusive events.

Royal Mail reveals that 80% of the UK’s top advertisers are now using unaddressed mail/door drops (2).

With the rise in demand and consumer expectations, brands are having to step up.  Brands and customers, both purchasing print are seeking outcomes that resonate with their brand, whether that be elevating a brand’s ethos or strongly portraying a wedding’s elegance in its invitations, customers want more, something that delivers an enhanced and consistent experience towards their goals.

28% of marketeers and brand owners say they have very little or are not familiar at all with print (1), so excite and inspire them with your ability to add value to their brand. Capture their customers with sensory coatings and foil finishes that shout quality or stand out and engage with unique, customisable shapes and packaging with on demand digital cutting.

“Accessibility to personalised print has become easier and easier, altering consumers expectations for print marketing and packaging that is highly relevant to them.”

Can you offer brands the ability to print variable data, segmenting and targeting their markets? Utilise digital print and dynamic finishing to boost brands print marketing. Solutions such as the DC Range give you the capacity customise every sheet plus do it efficiently; within a competitive time and price.

Lastly, how can you support ethical operations? Consumer are becoming more and more conscious about the way brands operate; how do they treat staff? Do they consciously reduce their waste? Do they source sustainable resources?

Being tarnished as an unethical business could be detrimental to a brand, and not worth the risk of saving time or money, so if an environmental, sustainable and ethical solution is something you can offer your customers you have real opportunity to add value.

To discuss further how meeting these consumer behaviours will give your business added value, make your business more competitive, and generate you more revenue reach out to us here.

1.Napco Research, January 2020, adding value to digital printing