Duplo Stories Ep.5 - Mastergraph Amazes Fashion Partners

Duplo Stories Ep.5 - Mastergraph amazes it's Fashion House Partners in Milan, Italy

Italian print powerhouse Mastergraph specialises in working with the fashion industry, and with the world’s most luxurious designers all having headquarters and offices at their Milan doorstep, they are in a prime location. Just as their customers are judged on how they innovate, excite and enthuse the fashion industry with every seasonal range they release, their print must too, and Mastergraph’s knowledge, capabilities and desire to evolve mean they are the perfect partner. So, how has Duplo helped? Through Italian Distributor Quadient’s (formerly Neopost) Paolo Todeschini and his relationship with their team, he brought DuSense into their consideration for an effect that they had been previously looking for. And the result? Well, thanks to DuSense, many of Italy’s top fashion houses have moved one step further in their pursuit of aesthetic perfection! https://youtu.be/MYrZ1-BjnyM