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The Top 5 Packaging Trends For 2020

We have updated this article; please visit here to read Packaging Trends for 2021.

Every year, consumer buying habits change this year Duplo are predicting huge impact on the packaging industry. Read on to discover the unique trends from sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging to "smart packaging" and beyond, we are now in 2020 and the future is here.

1. Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

2020 will see an even greater demand for sustainable packaging than we already do. 2019 saw some of the largest climate change protests ever in the history of the world with large demonstrations throughout various countries all around the globe. As the millennial and "Z" generations continue expanding into the workforce and become greater consumers; sustainability, recycling, and environmental issues will continue to take centre stage.

From zero-waste packaging reforms to reusable packaging programs such as a partner of ours Teracycle, earth-friendly packaging is expected to continue to boom in popularity and produce greater demand from consumers

This has recently been seen in Coca-Cola’s marketing campaign to encourage consumers to recycle its bottles. The campaign states that Smartwater will be its first brand to come in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.

The ever louder chant of "reduce, reuse and recycle" is only expected to grow louder as the world continues to become aware of the environmental impacts of packaging supplies on the environment.  The vast problems associated with plastics and other waste materials that have found their way to our sea will force companies to offer environmentally friendly alternatives.

2. Smart Packaging

Whether we are talking about augmented reality, QR codes or chip technology, it all relates to the idea of smart packaging. As our technological innovations continue to evolve, we will be seeing more interactive and multimedia applications for augmented reality in regard to everything from wine to kids toys. Smart packaging will help to ensure superior tracking capabilities for all products and will continue to change how consumers interact with products and their packaging.

We will likely continue to see the merging of traditional print being entegrated with digital technologies in ways which we have never seen before. 

3. Vintage Packaging

As the saying goes, "what is old is new again". In our modern technology-driven age, consumers are beginning to show more interest in experiences that hark back to simpler times. With the rise of consumer's desire to recreate the joy of retro experiences in music, video games, movies, and other media forms, the nostalgia-driven magic will continue grow.

In the world of packaging this means that we will be seeing more modern designs based on vintage aesthetics and colours, tugging at the nostalgic emotions of consumers. 

4. Sophisticated  and minimalistic packaging

Minimalism in packaging is a reference not only to the amount of packaging material being used in order to ensure the least impact on the environment, but also in regard to the branding of the product contained within it. Straight forward, easy to digest, high contrast designs that clearly and simply make a statement will be a trend throughout 2020.

Aesthetics will always be important to the packaging sector, and for 2020 packaging design will continue to be minimalist with decorate features. Digital print will also become more popular for luxury packaging. For the ‘Instagram generation’ – digital natives who are used to seeing aesthetically perfect images from their friends, influencers and brands alike.

More brands will be investing in updating their primary packaging – glass and plastic bottles, caps and closures – with decorative techniques, such as etching, embellishment, hot stamping, screen printing and so on, helping to translate brand identity directly onto the product.”

As brands try to pull the attention of the consumer towards their products, we will likely see product innovations such as minimalism, luxury, vintage, and personalized packaging to drive the interest of consumers from one market to the next.

5. Evolution of E-commerce Packaging

Finally, we come to e-commerce. In the age of Amazon, one thing is clear. E-commerce is here and it is here to stay. This area of the world of packaging possess some interesting challenges to both companies and consumers. Amazon is buckling down on their commitment to ensuring that their packaging is both strong and protective of the products inside while simultaneously speaking of a dedication to sustainability and environmental issues. It is no surprise that other companies in the e-com business are also trying to balance this act.

With many customers often expressing distaste for excessive packaging and the environmental concerns that come with it, businesses engaged in selling through e-commerce websites need to be able to find a balance between properly packaging and protecting their products without utilizing an excess of materials. The world is growing ever more conscious about waste and pollution and these concerns are also at the forefront of e-com packaging.  

In 2020 we will continue to see the huge power packaging has on consumer behaviour. In this digital era the tactile experience packaging offers consumers presents its self as an extremely compelling tool in the marketing world.   

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