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Unaddressed mail: The power of print part three

A unique opportunity for postal operators

Postal operators are in the unique position of being able to offer distribution to EVERY RURAL household where unaddressed mail has a particularly strong influence on purchasing decisions. Save operational costs

Unaddressed mail provides postal operators with a revenue stream which can utilise their existing delivery infrastructure. As the volume of letters decreases, the tendency is to reduce the number of non-essential delivery days. This can be matched by consolidating the majority of unaddressed mail into the same number of non-essential deliveries per week per household.

Collation can be a time-consuming and laborious process when carried out manually, leading to mistakes, job dissatisfaction and higher labour turnover. A Duplo collating solution will typically do the work of 10 manual workers! How will you benefit from Duplo’s automated collating solutions?

Duplo’s collating solutions provide postmen with a set of leaflets, securely held together and in walk order, ready for delivery to each household.

Small footprint makes it suitable for use in existing sites where available space is limited.

low procurement cost enables multi-unit sites for built-in back up and fast ROI.

Ease of installation & transportation only requires normal, single phase wall socket for same day operation, manoeuvrable and relatively lightweight, which enables movement of units between sites in reaction to changing regional volumes.

Ease of use, low running costs & fast implementation requires only 1-3 operators with no special skills, which enables existing staff to be trained in a few weeks.

Widest range of document format handling A6 to A3, 60gsm single sheets to booklets, even Z-folds, plastic wrapped documents and
die cut shapes.

Unaddressed mail provides postal operators with a revenue stream which can utilise their existing delivery infrastructure.  As the volume of letters decreases, Duplo gives you the opportunity to increase production and quality of output all as efficient as possible.

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