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Folio takes strategic steps with Duplo PFi Blade B2 purchase

One of the UK’s leading trade finishers, Folio has purchased and installed a PFi Blade B2+ digital cutting table from Duplo in August to help them move into bespoke short run boxes and packaging their own products to customers.

Following a move to their current Bristol premises in 2019, Andy Bird and his team have turned Folio into one of the UK’s most significant trade finishers, processing over 100 quotes a day from printers both local and across the country. Andy Bird, Owner of Folio says, “Moving the business and relocating staff has led to us moving to a more strategic outlook. I’m now more able to run the company as a business leaving Richard Hughes (Manager Director) to deal with workflow and our processes. We pretty much produce everything in-house but with volumes getting smaller, we’ve found the number of orders has increased and is increasing, we required an easy-to-use digital cutting table. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Duplo since purchasing the 600i Booklet Maker in late 2017. It’s not the type of machine we normally would have purchased, but it has become invaluable. The sheer range of jobs that can be put through the machine, not limited to booklets is amazing. I have the same feeling with the new PFi Blade. It’s a great addition to our ever-growing list of equipment. We’re discussing ideas with designers now for concept designs to enhance our products. I’m sure we’ll be getting much more out of the machine than we originally intended.”

Jason Davies, Duplo’s Regional Sales Manager said, “I have spoken to many companies through the lockdown in the region, and many took the period to re-structure and re-evaluate their businesses. Folio has been the most forward-thinking of all of them! Through the pandemic, it has been great hearing the success stories of our customers, and even better to have the opportunity to these help companies succeed. The PFi Blade B2 will take Folio into open new revenue streams with inexpensive prototyping, short-run boxes, labels and much more. It’s a great opportunity with a low investment point! “

Andy concludes, “Taking the company to the next level means that our presentation is key. The last year has shown us that the industry is shifting and to support our customers, we need to change too. The new PFi Blade B2 was bought mainly to produce bespoke boxes for the transportation of our products to the customers. Due to the vast range of products and jobs, we produce, purchasing generic boxes is not ideal – printed products need to arrive well packaged, and protected giving our customers the peace of mind they need to order again with us. But now after seeing what the machine can do and some of the applications Duplo has shown us it has the ability to open up new opportunities and to adapt to new markets conditions. We can offer our current customers more products than ever but with the Folio mark of quality and precision. Customers have already noticed improvements in professionalism and better services. We expect this to only get better.

For advice on investing in digital cutting tables or other Duplo solutions please reach out to us.

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