Duplo Aids Pharmaceutical Supply Fulfilment in Crisis

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Duplo aids Wepack’s fulfilment of pharmaceutical supplies during the Covid-19 crisis.

Wepack has invested in their second Duplo DM Esper Collator in response to the increase in its fulfilment business.

“Since purchasing our first Duplo Collator in 2009 our business has been growing consistently by 20% annually,” explains Unn Irene Kjenslie, MD and owner.  “So when we moved to new larger premises in the outskirts of Oslo last year, it was clear that we needed more production capacity in order to continue to meet our fast turnaround deadlines.”

Supplied again through Duplo’s local distributor Quadient Norge, Wepack uses the two Duplo machines to collate together 40,000 sets per week consisting of up to 6 different advertising leaflets.  A personalised invoice encloses and holds together each set, and the sets are then added to the product packs ready for distribution to households.

Among the customer list of charities, online stores, mail order companies, retailers, newspapers, advertising and media agencies are 6 large pharmaceuticals, who add their advertising leaflets to the packs in order to promote other health products in their range. 

“Today our business is truly global - we even have a customer in China who purchases Norwegian health products.  Consequently we decided to change our previous very Norwegian name Responshuset, to Wepack.”

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, Wepack has hardly experienced any changes to their levels of business. 

“Clients are all still operating and we feel very lucky to still be busy and at work. We have increased our hygiene, implemented mandatory handwash several times a day and placed antibacterial stations around the warehouse.  We are not anticipating any big changes in the future and are hoping to continue business as usual.”

Print remains one of the most effective advertising media in terms of response rates.  According to recent research, 50% of leaflet readers regularly buy a product from a leaflet*.

90% of Wepack’s production is automated using standard sized boxes, but Unn Irene is determined to reach 100% automation.  “In the future we hope to invest in robotics for the remaining 10% of the items which still have to be packed manually.”

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*GFK 2017 NOM Folder Monitor