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Increase Capacity with Duplo Booklet Maker

North Yorkshire County Council’s print room has upgraded their 3500 system to a new 600i Booklet System.

With the nationwide pandemic in full flow, North Yorkshire council needed to increase their capacity to help communicate changes to the public, but also to help their NHS contracts and their increasing customer base.

John Metcalfe, Head of the Print Unit at North Yorkshire County Council said “The new 600i Booklet System adds many new features to an already impressive booklet system. This includes stitching and trimming both thicker and thinner substrates for both the covers and pages across all 20 bins and that increases the variety of stocks that we can handle. It is also considerably faster and much more automated with a new intuitive PC control unit. This allows operators to change jobs much faster with less down time and minimal hands-on adjustments. The new PC control also allows us to program in more jobs and keep them in the memory, recalling any particular job is simply a click away. On some of our jobs we’ve been able to almost triple the speed of the older machine. The new system has allowed us to fulfil our orders, which are often vital such as the Infection Control booklets for the NHS. It will mean we will be more competitive due to the increased speed of production and allow us to produce A4 landscape booklets which our designers have been longing for!”

“We needed a replacement booklet system because of our tight deadlines and turnaround times, with the new intuitive PC control, we will be able to turn around work much faster than before, it was also in the right price point for us so choosing to stay with Duplo was simply a smart decision. We especially love the large touch screen control as it allows ease of use, the programming and clearly shows where any faults are, should they occur.”

The Duplo 600i Booklet System was installed in the North Yorkshire County Council print room located inside the County Hall in Northallerton. It sits alongside their Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 5 colour press, GTO 52, Stahl folder, Polar guillotine, Xerox Versant180, D125 and C70’s, wire, coil, comb and heat binding and DS200 folder inserter.

John continues, “Working with Duplo is always effortless - delivery and installation were smooth with our traded in machine collected on the Monday morning, the new one delivered on the afternoon and installed on the Tuesday. Training took place on the Wednesday as planned under strict COVID-19 guidance. Alan Brownley was especially professional and was very helpful to get us the exact equipment that we needed and matched our requirements perfectly. I don’t always say this about sales people, but Alan was very good!”

Amongst internal council work, North Yorkshires County Council print room produces work for Health and Adult Services and Children & Young Peoples Services; NHS Infection Control booklets, local district Council’s information booklets and registered charities work such as fund-raising calendars.

Alan Brownley, Regional Sales Manager for Duplo concluded, “I knew what John wanted out of his trade in and we had a fantastic deal to be done – it’s always great dealing with someone who knows the kit and knows exactly what they want. It was also great knowing that we were helping out an organisation directly responsible for helping our region get back on track.”

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