Tipografia Caregnato Achieves Short-run Efficiency

Pfi-Blade at Tipografia Caregnato

For our third PFi Blade Customer profile, after hearing from Imprentas Bielsas in Spain, and then Brian Cottee Associates in the UK, we now hear from Italy with Tipografia Caregnato. Tipografia Caregnato made this purchase for the machine’s high level of automation, to improve their efficiency and turn around of stationery samples and short run jobs including labels and kiss-cut applications.

Tipografia Caregnato, founded in 1980, are a commercial printer offering many standard jobs such as business cards and posters, and stationery as well as other commercial print jobs. Fortunately, although planning to purchase the machine before the pandemic, the decision to buy wasn’t affected; and after having the machine for some months, they say “we really like the machine, it’s very professional and have high quality”. When asked why they chose the PFi Blade B3+ over other flat bed cutters on the market, their answer was simple: “Automation: the machine is able to make a job without need of a human all the time”.

In terms of real-world useability, their PFi Blade B3+ already has two operators, but Tipografia are quick to point out that “thanks to the automation they are not assigned only to this machine”; the “easy to use” and intuitive software package handles many different types of files from different graphic design programmes, but Corel Draw is the programme used here to design the die files.

Many printers have begun using the PFi Blade B3+ for short-run digital packaging, but that is just one avenue to go down with the machine, Tipografia Caregnato “mainly make stationery samples or stationery short run... also labels and kiss-cut jobs”, further to this, the machine is capable of point of sale pieces and custom, non-right angle cuts on jobs like pocket folders, or bespoke business cards.

In contrast to Imprentas Bielsas, Tipografia Caregnato work directly to the consumer, rather than operating as a trade printer. When asked whether they had some work for the machine before purchasing, they replied “all jobs we use the PFi Blade to make, are jobs we planned to have before buying the machine”, clearly the demand for the work in the North Italian region is high!

To find out more about the PFi Blade B3+, or to get in contact for a demonstration or sample pack, click here.